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Will Tricare Substance Abuse Counselors Address Combat-Related PTSD?

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As a nation, we owe a lot to individuals who represent Americans by joining the military. The simple truth is there’s never anyway we can payback the debt we owe the brave men and women. Of course, that should not preclude us from trying.

While people currently in the military and retired individuals have access to healthcare through the military or Veterans Administration, there are far too many cases where it doesn’t cover the full extent of their medical needs. That’s when Tricare Healthcare Insurance can make a huge difference.

Tricare is a healthcare program for uniformed military service members and their families. It also offers coverage to retired members of the US Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, US Coast Guard, and the US Public Health Service. Insurance coverage includes medical care, prescription medications, dental care and to some extent, addiction treatment.

Tricare and the Affordable Care Act of 2009

Tricare is a viable healthcare insurance provider. As such, they are not exempt from the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which was signed into law in 2009. The way that applies to addiction treatment is Tricare is required to cover addiction treatment costs the same way they would the costs related to any other medical treatment. Furthermore, they are not allowed to discriminate against customers based on any “preexisting” guidelines. That’s very good news for our brave men and women who fall victim to addiction diseases.

Under the ACA, insurance companies are required to cover certain addiction treatment costs. The only caveat to that rule is there is no dictate to the percentages under each category insurance companies have to cover. They do have some discretion. For the most part, insurance companies, Tricare included, will cover a good portion if not all of the costs related to basic treatment. By ACA dictate, that would include:

  • Residential (inpatient) care
  • Outpatient programs
  • Detox Programs
  • Medications need for the addiction treatment process
  • Aftercare programs like sober living and additional counseling

There is another facet to addiction treatment that often qualifies for coverage under Tricare. Unfortunately, people who are serving or have served in combat come home with emotional and mental problems. It’s simply a fact of war. It’s nearly impossible for military people to experience what they experience in combat without being affected.
For a lot of military, they come home carrying emotional luggage that gets diagnosed as Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder of PTSD. The following sections will discuss the why and how Tricare covers PTSD as it relates to addiction.

Why Tricare Covers PTSD Treatment in Combination With Addiction Treatment

Many times, addiction sufferers will enter rehab with more than an addiction. They also enter carrying emotional or mental health issues. In such cases, it’s vital for the client to get treatment for their co-occurring conditions simultaneously. This is what the addiction treatment industry calls dual diagnosis treatment.

In many circumstances, Tricare will cover at least a portion of dual diagnosis treatment. They do so because it is well-documented that failure of the client to get treatment for both conditions at the same time is the surest way to make sure they will relapse. That’s because the untreated condition will eventually interfere with recovery.

How Tricare Overs PTSD Treatment

If a military or ex-military person enters rehab with a PTSD diagnosis already in place, Tricare immediately knows the customer will need dual diagnosis treatment. They treat said costs as though they are basic costs for the direct benefit of our military people.

The only caveat is the customer needs to go through the insurance coverage verification process to help determine the extent of insurance coverage they are eligible to receive. Any remaining portion would have to come out-of-pocket or be covered by another military organization. To help with the verification process, most top-level rehabs, including ours, have an administrator who works directly with Tricare. After getting insurance verification, the administrator will notify the facility’s clinician so the clinician can begin developing the appropriate treatment plan for the client.

If you are retired military or active duty personnel, you are entitled to some level of addiction coverage under your Tricare policy. We would like to bring you in, help you with the insurance verification process and immediately get you into treatment. You can found out more about our addiction treatment services at 888-380-0667. Don’t let your addiction take away the life you have in front of you.

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