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When Is Partial Hospitalization Drug Rehab a Good Idea?

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Before going to an addiction treatment program, it can be extremely beneficial to understand the various levels of care. When you start to hear about different programs like detox, residential treatment, and partial hospitalization, it can get confusing. Each level of care is designed to help with different severities of addiction, and they can also help you continue your recovery. Based on your specific needs, one level of care might be a better option than others, but each can help you begin on your path towards recovery.

Having an addiction to drugs or alcohol can cause a wide range of medical issues, and this is often when partial hospitalization drug rehab is a good idea. This is also a level of care that can be beneficial when you’re still dealing with some acute symptoms of withdrawal after the detox process. This level of care provides you with the medical care that you need so you can continue to strengthen your recovery. During the partial hospitalization process, you’ll receive addiction therapy as well, which will help you live a better life.

When is Partial Hospitalization Drug Rehab a Good Idea

Drug and alcohol dependence changes how the body functions because your body ends up needing drugs and alcohol in order to feel well. Once the drugs leave your system, you can experience a wide range of symptoms of withdrawal. Depending on the substance you were abusing, the symptoms of withdrawal might be physical, psychological or both. Some of the most common symptoms of withdrawal include the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Aches and pains
  • Depression
  • Nausea
  • Cold sweats

Because of these symptoms, most people will start in a detox program so you can receive the medical care you need. Not only are the symptoms of withdrawal uncomfortable, but they can be dangerous as well. Some people can experience cardiac failure or seizures as a result of withdrawal, and this is why partial hospitalization is beneficial after you go through detox. While receiving partial hospitalization, you’ll continue to have access to nurses and doctors who can ensure that your body is healing properly.

There are also many people who have medical conditions that may have occurred before, during or after substance use. In treatment, you’ll regularly go through evaluations, and the treatment center will be in touch with your insurance provider. If you have ongoing medical issues, you may stay at a partial hospitalization level of care. This will ensure that doctors can follow up with your progress and you continue to have medications adjusted as you begin to improve mentally and physically.

Residential Partial Hospitalization

Many people in going through a partial hospitalization program will also live at the facility to do a residential treatment. Residential treatment is a great option for anyone who is struggling with a severe form of addiction or has experienced multiple relapses. Not only will you receive the medical attention that you need, but you’ll also receive therapy that will help you in the addiction recovery process. Working with a therapist will help you begin to understand the root of your addiction and what you can do to stay clean in the future.

Addiction is a powerful disease that makes you believe that drugs or alcohol are the only way to deal with the stresses of life as well as your thoughts and emotions. While you’re in partial hospitalization, you’ll meet with mental health professionals where you can safely open up about what’s going on. This may be the first time that you’ve truly had someone sit and listen to what you’re actually going through. The therapist is there to listen to what’s going on and provide you with healthy solutions that you can carry with you after treatment that will help you in your long-term recovery.

Does the Body Heal in Sobriety?

It’s true that a variety of health conditions can happen as a result of alcohol or drug abuse, but this doesn’t always last forever. While some permanent damage may be done, your body may begin to heal on its own. Sometimes, the partial hospitalization is only a temporary measure that needs to be taken, but your health will begin to improve over time. Many people who get sober and stay sober are able to gradually come off of different medications as they go through the recovery process.

If you’re struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs in South Florida, we can help. We offer partial hospitalization as well as other levels of care that will help you begin your new life. Give us a call today for more information at 888-380-0667.

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