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What Items Are Usually Prohibited at a Rehab Facility in Florida?

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Making the choice to check into rehab is oftentimes one of the toughest, but the best decisions you can make for yourself. It’s a very tough decision, that doesn’t usually come lightly. But the end result is being on the road to recovery. To a better, healthier life. Most rehabs only allow certain items to be brought in. So, what items are usually prohibited at a rehab facility in Florida? Well, while every rehab is different, we’re going to go over some of the most common items that aren’t accepted

Please keep in mind that every rehab center is different. What one rehab center may find unacceptable to bring, another may not have an issue with. For this reason, it’s important you call your specific rehab center to ensure you’re following their guidelines.

Things you should not bring with you to rehab

• Drugs or Alcohol – Even though this item seems obvious to not bring to rehab, you’d be surprised how many people try to bring one last drink. Everything you bring will be searched.
• Unnecessary prescription medication – Sometimes, no medication at all is allowed. It will depend on the rehab
• Weapons of any kind
• Pornography
• Electronic equipment including hair clippers
• Inappropriate styled clothing
• Clothing with inappropriate images
• Food or drinks
• Make-up or jewelry in excessive amounts
• Over the counter medication
• Cold medication – mostly of any kind
• Cash – some locations have a limit to the amount of money you could have on you.
• Mouthwash
• Coffee
• Vape Pen
• Electronic pen with cartridges

Listed above is a very broad range of items that are typically prohibited from being brought into a drug rehab treatment. Some of the items may seem a bit odd like mouthwash and cold medicine. However, that’s because there are ingredients that are in these items that an alcoholic can consume to get drunk. So bear in mind, while it may seem odd to you, it’s important that you are aware so that you don’t get in trouble when going to rehab.

Items that may be restricted

As mentioned, these are items that may or may not be restricted by the specific location you’re attending. It’s imperative that you contact the rehab you’re visiting to check with them. This is a list of items that have been proven to be too distracting. When dealing with drug and alcohol abuse, it’s important to remember that addiction is a brain disorder that requires a lot of extensive help to treat. Which means, focusing entirely on getting better. Check to see if the items listed below are restricted at your rehab location.

• Deck of cards
• Cellphone
• Computer
• Cash – over a certain amount
• Sheets and blankets
• Cigarettes
• Vitamins
• Pillows
• Towels
• Headphones
• Handheld game systems
• Dip – chewing tobacco

There are some things however that are wanted when going to rehab. One of the most important things to bring is a positive attitude. Although it’s hard to keep up good spirits in tough times, a positive attitude will help with the recovery process. Positive thoughts can go a long way with your recovery. It’s tough in the beginning, but it gets easier.

What to Expect

What to expect depends on the center. State facilities are typically stricter than private facilities. They don’t let a lot more in and some may even require laundry detergent to do your own laundry. Some will offer laundry service so check before you go. You should expect to not call your loved ones for at least 3 months. Some facilities, however, let you write them through pen and paper letters.

Free rehab or court order facilities usually don’t allow you to bring anything, including your phone. No hygiene products or nail polish. They typically give u hygiene products at a state facility like shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, etc.

It’s important to bring your state ID. Most of them require ID and/or a birth certificate or social security card. This proves who you are and lets them keep track of you for accounting and tax purposes. Usually, money is allowed but only a limited amount. Find this out before you try to bring money into the facility. Long term state or court-ordered rehab has the most restrictions. A pack of unopened cigarettes is now allowed. They cannot be opened they must be closed sealed pack of cigarettes. Black and mild sealed are also sometimes allowed.

Call a local rehab center immediately at 888-380-0667 if you or a loved one is in need of help and get your life back!

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