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What Is the Difference Between a Holistic Rehab in Florida and a Traditional Rehab?

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Holistic treatment approaches are focused on the idea of the “whole person.” A holistic approach differs from a traditional approach mainly in the way that it views what constitutes the whole person. For traditional methods of treatment, the body is mostly the focus on treatment. You detox. You abstain. Holistic approaches explore alternative ways of tapping into the powerful resources of both mind and body to usher in an even greater chance of recovery.

The types of treatment implemented by holistic rehabs will be explored in greater depth here. In the last 10 years, holistic approaches have been applied not just to addiction problems, but also to overall health problems like chronic pain and management of other physical diseases. Holistic methods might shine brightest when they’re applied to eager to recover drug addicts and alcoholics, though. As addiction affects so much of both the mind and body, it’s natural that some of the methods of holistic treatments might help.

Holistic rehabs

Holistic rehabs look at the mind-body element of addiction and incorporate therapies that traditional rehabs often don’t explore. Instead of just group meetings – although those may be a part of holistic rehabs – the holistic rehab will have a wave of alternative therapies designed to heal both mind and body during recovery. A few example of popular holistic treatments include:

  • Yoga
  • Massage therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Acupuncture

Notice the broad spectrum of treatments here. Yoga is said to not only heal the body, but it is a terrific approach for the spirit/mind as well, tapping into rich resources often concealed in the human brain. It’s tapping into parts of the self that are usually neglected, using a mind-body combination of treatment to get results and heal the wounds that addiction might have left on both the body and mind.

How These Therapies Work

Yoga is one of the most well-known holistic treatments used in holistic rehab centers. It’s not the only avenue of relief, though. Music therapy has also been popular in some rehabs since the 1970’s. Patients might be asked to write lyrics that pertain to their experiences in addiction, or they might be asked to simply listen to a recording of beautiful music and absorb their feelings. Music reaches so many of us on an emotional level, and many patients of holistic rehabs notice great results and relaxation with music therapy.

Acupuncture is a relaxing, physical treatment approach that some recovering addicts find helpful to calm themselves during the stresses of early, mid, and even ongoing recovery. A simple acupuncture session is always a terrific alternative to using, and they often find that it helps to ease the aches and pains of daily life. As chronic pain patients, some recovering addicts report acupuncture as enormously helpful in their recovery and sense of well-being.

Is the Holistic Approach Right for You?

Holistic approaches are quickly rivaling their strictly medical counterparts in big ways these days. Many addicts will choose a holistic treatment center instead of a strictly medical facility in the coming year, and they’re making a decision based on the fact that once you’re through initial withdrawal, recovery is ongoing and about more than just not using drugs. It’s about creating a bearable, calmer existence in sobriety, about learning more about yourself as the journey continues and you face the world drug-free.

Life gets hard sometimes, even in sobriety. What person isn’t moved by beautiful music? A soothing massage? A particularly fruitful session of yoga? Recovering addicts benefit from these holistic approaches and continue to add them to their toolbox. Could it be that a holistic approach is going to be what reintroduces you to the beauty of the world after a long bout with addiction? If so, our helpful counselors are always standing by, ready to make you a “whole person” again with a whole-person approach to your problems. You’ll find in recovery that you benefit more from using a set of tools rather than just one tool. One day yoga may help. Another day it might be music therapy. Art therapy also plays a huge role in holistic approaches, helping some recovering addicts discover a talent long hidden. What’s going to be in your holistic treatment toolbox?

Whenever you’re ready to dive into the holistic approach to recovery, just give our counselors a call at 888-380-0667.

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