What Does PHP Treatment Mean? And How Does It Compare To Inpatient Rehab?

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There are several treatment options for drug addicts seeking recovery. The best-known are the inpatient and outpatient options. You can also choose to go for PHP or Partial Hospitalization Programs. In these programs, you will not reside at the rehab facility but will receive intensive treatment. Patients will have to visit the facility about four times a week and spend up to 6 hours on each of those days.

At the facility, patients will have access to group and individual therapy, and will also be able to access medication and drugs as needed.

PHP treatment resembles outpatient rehabs, although it is a lot more intensive. With outpatient treatment, patients will only need to visit the facility once or twice a week. Also, outpatient procedures are primarily focused on group and individual therapy, which is why they are usually offered as aftercare. PHP treatment involves medication and possibly, a tapering program to reduce your dependence on drugs.

Who Should Go For PHP Treatment?

PHP treatment is highly advantageous. However, it will not suit everyone. It is mainly meant for people who do not require 24-hour supervision, and these are usually former addicts who have just completed their inpatient programs. That said, the rehab staff will evaluate your state and come up with an individualized treatment plan. Depending on their judgment of your addiction and mental state, they may recommend PHP treatment.

There are certain medical criteria that addicts must meet before being allowed to go for PHP treatment. If you need serious medical attention, you may have to stay at the facility for a period.

People with strong support systems at home can also choose to go for PHP. Also, if you have stable housing and transport, this option can suit your perfectly. If the problem is major, they will require close medical supervision and will, therefore, not be able to go for the outpatient program. A PHP program would be perfect for such a person.

What Do Addicts Get in PHP Treatment?

PHP or day treatment involves many activities. These include:

Medically supervised detoxification

It is important for addicts to get the drugs out of their systems completely. This is done in various ways, and the process has to be supervised by a qualified medic. In some cases, the withdrawal effects can be life-threatening, so don’t attempt to detox without professional guidance. In the case of PHP treatment, detox may only be offered to people who exhibit mild and moderate withdrawal symptoms.

Issuing of medications

Drug addicts may not be able to quit using the substances at once because of the withdrawal symptoms. For this reason, they may have to use medication to offset the symptoms. In some cases, the doses of the drugs they take will be reduced gradually so that the body gets used to lesser quantities. Eventually, they won’t need the drug anymore. Medication can also be used to block the effects of drugs and alcohol, meaning that the patient will not have any more motivation to consume the said drugs. People in PHP treatment will be able to visit the facility for medical assistance.

Individual therapy

PHP programs also involve individual counseling sessions that may take 30 to 50 minutes a week. The counselor will follow your progress and can assess your progress. In some cases, they will be able to transition you to another level of care or treatment.

Psychoeducational programming

This form of therapy is carried out by a highly knowledgeable member of staff. The counselor will need to understand your motivation to start treatment. Then, they will evaluate the severity of the problem, after which they will be able to overcome common barriers to successful treatment. In this part of the treatment process, you will also have to discuss the situations that may make you relapse to drug abuse. This will help to reduce your chances of going back to drugs after the treatment.

Group therapy

These are meant to offer you support from your peers and enhance your social skills. You will also get to listen to stories from other recovering addicts. Some of the people in the group will already be former addicts and will inspire you to keep on trying to quit drugs and alcohol. Members of the group will also listen to your stories and ask questions in order to allow you to reflect and become self-aware. This way, you will be able to recognize situations and thought patterns that make you turn to drugs. At the same time, members can suggest healthier coping methods.

Holistic treatment options

In some cases, people in PHP treatment will be able to access holistic treatment. These can involve yoga, meditation, fitness sessions, and art therapy. You might also have to stick to a specific nutrition plan.

What is the Difference Between PHP Treatment and Inpatient Therapy?

These two treatment options are used to treat people with serious problems of drug addiction. However, inpatient treatment will require the patient to stay at the facility for a period. Once treatment is over, they will be discharged and may only visit the facility for counseling. In PHP treatment, the patients do not live in the rehab facility. Instead, they stay home and visit the center a couple of times every week.

Both treatment options are highly intensive. However, people addicted to hard street drugs may need closer medical attention since the withdrawal symptoms of these substances can be life-threatening. Such people may have to go for inpatient treatment.

In some cases, PHP is offered as an aftercare option once the addict completes their inpatient treatment.

Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP is a treatment option for drug addicts. With this option, addicts can choose to stay at home or sober houses while undergoing treatment. PHP is not the same as outpatient treatment since it is highly intensive. You will have to visit the facility for several days in a week and engage in some necessary activities. These include group and individual therapy, detoxification, and even holistic treatment.

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