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What Are the Most Common Withdrawal Symptoms of Stimulant Drugs?

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Although there’s currently an opioid epidemic happening in the United States, there are millions of people who struggle with an addiction to stimulants. Stimulants can include substances such as cocaine and meth, but they also include a variety of different medications that are used to treat attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). Although the symptoms of withdrawal from stimulants are different than those of opioids or alcohol, they can be extremely uncomfortable. The best thing you can do to overcome the symptoms of withdrawal from stimulants is to understand what the symptoms are and how a treatment center can help.

When you’re abusing substances, it’s easy to only see the positives as you continue to use, but when you come down, the withdrawal can be rough. You may be like many people out there who continue abusing stimulants just so they can avoid the symptoms of withdrawal. The symptoms of withdrawal from stimulants are primarily psychological, but addiction treatment can help. As you continue to overcome the symptoms of withdrawal one day at a time, you’ll also learn that you never have to turn back to drugs again.

What are The Symptoms of Withdrawal for Stimulant Drugs?

Throughout the time you’ve been abusing drugs like cocaine, meth or prescription stimulants, your body has become dependent on the drugs. Whenever you use these drugs, your brain is getting flooded with dopamine, and it eventually needs that flood of dopamine to function properly. Unfortunately, as you continue to abuse these substances, your brain stops creating dopamine naturally, so when you come down, you can experience many psychological effects. Some of the most common symptoms of withdrawal from stimulant drugs include the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Insomnia
  • Intense cravings

The symptoms of withdrawal from stimulant drugs are primarily psychological, but there can be some physical symptoms as well. When your body is going through withdrawal, there’s an immense amount of stress on your heart, and it starts to work harder than ever. Long-term substance abuse also damages the heart, so this can be a dangerous situation unless you get help. The good news is that addiction treatment is going to help you stay safe as well as comfortable throughout the entire process.

How Treatment Can Help with Stimulant Withdrawal

The first step in the addiction treatment process is to go through an evaluation to see what the best route for detox is going to be. You’ll have a team of medical professionals, like physicians, nurses and more, who are there to monitor your vitals and help you through detox. They’ll regularly check your heart rate and blood pressure to make sure that you’re safe, and they can also help with the other symptoms as well. In some cases, medications will be used to help to minimize the symptoms, but there are also many holistic ways to get through the detox process.

One of the most difficult parts about going through withdrawal from stimulant drugs is the psychological effects. You’re going to have many ups and downs during this time, and you may have trouble sleeping, but the treatment staff is going to be able to help. This is an opportunity for you to begin learning new coping skills for life as well as you manage the irritability and other symptoms that occur. You’re also going to learn how staying physically active and moving around will help speed up with the withdrawal process and begin healing your mind as well.

Addiction Treatment After Detox

A mistake that some people make when they’re trying to get sober is when they believe that all they need to do is go through the detox process. The reality is that the drugs are only symptoms of the problem that’s really going on. In order to avoid every going through withdrawal again, you need to learn why you turn to the drugs in the first place and how you can manage your life in an as better way. You’re going to be able to achieve this by working with therapists who specialize in addiction treatment. They’re going to help you get down to the root causes of why you turn to drugs while also providing you with new coping skills that will help you face life successfully.

If you’re struggling with an addiction to stimulant drugs, allow us to help you find a treatment center that’s right for you. We have an entire team of treatment specialists, and we work with facilities around the country.

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