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Celebrities Speaking Out After Addiction Rehab?

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When people consider the lifestyles of Hollywood’s elite, they often think of them as superhumans that are rich, oozing with talent, and have a perfect life. If history tells us anything, they are just people too. They suffer from depression, anxiety, mental illness, health problems, and many have spent time in rehabilitation centers for substance abuse. Some have been brave enough to talk about their journey, while some prefer to suffer in silence.

Donatella Versace

Consider Donatella Versace and the massive empire she runs. It was headed towards ruin if she didn’t get her drug problem under control. In 2004, Elton John staged and intervention begging the star to get help. Versace chose a rehabilitation center in Arizona to help kick her cocaine addiction. She loved the setting of the center so much that it inspired a desert-themed addition to her collection.

For her, the journey was anything but easy, but it was necessary to save her life. She wrote a 343-page book to chronicle her journey towards sobriety. No doubt, seeing stars tell their epic stories helps those who are still stuck in the addiction cycle and need help.

Matthew Perry

Another famous person that made their drug use public was friends superstar Mathew Perry. During the height of his career, he had it all going for him. With a hit television show and more money than he had ever made in his life, you would think that he would have been on top of the world. However, the grueling scheduling demands and being in the public eye played havoc on Perry. He turned to prescription medications like Vicodin and OxyContin to cope.

Perry has done several stints in rehabilitation centers to get clean. He has done several interviews trying to tell his fans about the struggle and the importance of getting help. It’s a battle he continues to fight.

Ozzy Osborne

Perhaps one of the most difficult stories of addiction is that of singer Ozzy Osborne. His disease has certainly put him in the spotlight and caused him to walk a difficult path. With a supportive wife, three beautiful children and more money than he could ever spend, the crooner said the worst battle he fought was getting free from benzodiazepines. In several interviews, he stated that getting clean from cocaine wasn’t difficult, but it was his cravings for the benzo drugs that was the hardest to overcome.

Osborne has been in and out of rehabilitation centers more than anyone can count. He’s fought addiction for decades. He claims he is sober and trying to rebuild relationships destroyed by years of drug use. Undoubtedly his extended use of harmful substances has caused him unrepairable damage. However, he is eager to talk to fans, educate, and tell people that there are other ways to deal with the pain than illegal substances and overdosing on prescription medications.

Nicole Richie

The adopted daughter of famous rock singer Lionel Richie found herself addicted to heroin and cocaine. Nicole got so bad that at one point she would take anything she could get her hands on. Richie’s story proves that having a loving home, growing up in the lap of luxury, and being treated like royalty, cannot help you when you start down the wrong path. She had five accidents and was arrested as a result of her years of drug use.

Richie was able to turn herself around and fade from the public’s eye to live a more subdued life. She married, had a child, and is comfortable living without the use of illegal drugs. In an interview with 20/20 in 2007, Nicole stated she had a lack of limits from her parents. She was a bored teenager that had too much time on her hands and a lot of money to spend. By the time she was 18 years of age, she was addicted to cocaine.

Michael J. Fox

When you think of Michael J. Fox, you probably think of a strong individual that has faced his adversity head-on. While he is the leader in Parkinson’s research and helping to find a cure, things haven’t always been so easy for this television icon. When Fox was diagnosed with the incurable disease, he turned to alcohol to cope.

No one knew Fox had an alcohol problem, only his immediate family. It wasn’t until he became constantly inebriated that his wife urged him to get help. He wrote a book and has done several television interviews about the life he almost lost. Though he still suffers from the effects of his disease, he is an advocate for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. He didn’t fit the profile of what someone with addiction does according to society’s standards, which goes to show that this disease is no respecter of persons.

Turn Your Life Around with One Call

Magazines and news outlets love to sensationalize celebrity addiction. Thankfully, so many people have been able to get help before it was too late. Sadly, there have been many that have lost their lives before their time. Stars like Elvis Presley, Anna Nicole Smith, River Phoenix, and Judy Garland are just a few that didn’t get the help they needed, and the addiction won.

The addiction doesn’t have to win in your life. You can get the help you need to conquer the demons that plague you. Whether your friends and family know about your problem or you suffer in silence makes no difference; you need to get professional help.

Just call 888-380-0667 and speak with one of our representatives. They are available 24/7 to answer any questions about starting your journey toward sobriety. Don’t wait another day. Take control of your addiction now!

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