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What Are Five Celebrity Rehab Stories That Give Hope for the Future?

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Most people understand the horrors of addiction make no concessions for people who enjoy fame, fortune, or social status. And if asked, you can probably name multiple celebrities who either lost their lives to their addiction or totally ruined their career. But what is not discussed as much is the celebrities who addressed their addictions by successfully completing rehab.

The five celebrity rehab stories below provide struggling addicts with hope for the future.

Maureen McCormick

A tell-all book, written by McCormick, detailing her drug usage shocked many people who remembered McMormick for her role as Marsha Brady on the hit television show Brady Bunch. Among the many self-confessions given by McMormick was the admission she snorted cocaine, suffered from bulimia, and had traded sex for drugs on more than one occasion.

McCormick says she destroyed all trust in her in Hollywood by showing up for auditions and filming high.

McCormick was finally able to kick her habit with the help of a rehab program. She continued on her new healthy lifestyle by appearing on the Celebrity Fit Club and actually winning the competition. McCormick lost 34 pounds while on the show and the destruction of her past drug-addicted lifestyle is now a memory.

Ben Affleck

Affleck hit a low point in life just a few years after winning an Oscar award and not long after making the blockbuster film ‘Pearl Harbor.’ Many people in the inner circle of the star did not know there was a problem. But Affleck grew up in a home with a father suffering from alcoholism and knew he was in trouble.

Affleck reached out to fellow actor Charlie Sheen, who had suffered through his own problems with addiction. The two men engaged in a heart to heart discussion about the situation.

Sheen was able to refer Affleck to a top rehab center and the actor has been sober since that point. His life now centers around wife, Jennifer, and daughters, Seraphina and Violet.

Robert Downey Jr.

There was a five year period in the life of Downey when he spent much time in and out of jail and rehab centers. The list of criminal charges lodged against Downey includes trespassing, drug possession, and carrying illegal firearms. His last skirmish with the law resulted in a three-year probated sentence and another trip to rehab. But this time, Downey decided to make it stick.

His past behavior made it difficult for him to get work even after he became clean. And when Downey did score a part in a movie, he would not be given the entirety of his salary until the movie was complete for fear of a relapse.

But Downey Jr. persevered and maintained his sobriety. His comeback included the blockbuster movies Iron Man and Tropic Thunder, as well as, an Oscar nomination.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen was once known as the bad boy of Hollywood and he has the criminal charges to prove it. Among the assortment of charges levied against Sheen in the past is the possession of a controlled substance, forgery of a credit card. He was also identified as a client of Hollywood Madame Heidi Fleiss.

Sheen was rushed to the hospital one night after a drug overdose and his father, Martin Sheen, knew it was time to take a stand. The elder Sheen knew nothing else to do but turn his son over to the police. Charlie Sheen now takes the time to publicly thank his father for saving his life when he asked about the incident.

Charlie was able to earn his sobriety and went on to star in the hit shows ‘Two And A Half Men’ And ‘Spin City.’


Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem, began to cancel a number of shows and checked himself into rehab in 2005. He admitted to feeling suicidal at the time and says his celebrity status made it difficult for him during his 2005 rehab stint. Unfortunately, the rehab attempt was unsuccessful.

Eminem felt his life spiraling out of control and he added methadone and Vicodin to the list of drugs in which he indulged. His situation got so bad he reached out to singer Elton John.

Eminem says he found inspiration in John’s fight against addiction and needed someone to talk to who would understand. The help from John resulted in another stay in rehab. Only this time the rapper has retained his sobriety.

Bottom Line

Addiction affects individuals across all socioeconomic backgrounds and social standings. Likewise, the opportunity to regain sobriety through rehabilitation is available to every addict. If you find yourself struggling with an addiction to a chemical substance, rehab just might be the thing needed to restore sanity to your life. Call one of our counselors at 888-380-0667.

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