Top Reasons that People Fail after Attending Rehab Facilities

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Everyone enters treatment with the idea that they want to permanently change their habits. However, the challenges of sobriety and life can make it possible to relapse. It will take more than willpower to overcome your issue. You need to anticipate that there will be certain types of problems that will arise, and you will need to learn how to deal with them. The following is a list of some of the most common reasons that you may fail to maintain what you have accomplished in rehab:

Reasons that People Fail after Rehab


A really common reason that people fail to maintain their sobriety is that they are actually ambivalent about the idea of sobriety. A person may find that they have a ‘reservation’ about the idea of sobriety. On the one hand, they see that there is a clear and distinct benefit to maintaining their sobriety. On the other hand, they recognize that they get some pleasure out of the experience.


Many times, a sober person will get too comfortable with their success in their program. This results in a complacency that can lead to relapse because they fail to any longer do the real work that is necessary to remain sober.


You might be unwilling to do the work necessary to remain sober. You rely upon others to do the work for you. The truth is that you are the only one who can maintain your commitment to sobriety.

You also may be unwilling to be honest with yourself. This honesty is necessary with respect to cravings and other aspects of your condition. Only if you are honest about your condition can you know what steps it will take to resolve your particular issue.

Honesty is also necessary to maintain with other people who can help you. You might be unwilling to ask for the help you need because you consider it to be a sign of weakness.

You Don’t See the Value in Maintaining Your Program of Recovery.

At times, you may feel that you are merely abstaining from your habit. You are not on the path to real recovery. Real recovery means that you have developed a program and a set of tools to deal with your problem. Merely abstaining is not good enough to promote a real sobriety.

Harmful Relationships

If you are involved in a codependent or harmful relationship, then it may stymie your ability to remain sober. The problem is that it may distract you from doing the true work that is necessary to remain sober.


Even after a stint in treatment, you may feel that you don’t have any real problem that you need to deal with. The instinct of denial is very powerful in people. You may also fool yourself into believing that you have overcome your problem. This would signal to you that there is no longer any issue with indulging in your habit.

Tips That will Make Rehab More Successful

The following tips can help you to be more successful in your attempt to be successful in rehab:

Make a Full Commitment

Simply deciding to go into rehab is an important step on your path to recovery. However, the real work has just begun for you. Rehab requires a constant and thorough commitment to sobriety and to the difficulties of the rehab program.

Even if you find that you backslide into a relapse, you must get back up on the horse and try again. A relapse should not be considered to be a total failure. It just means that your treatment needs to be adjusted.

Be Involved

Just because you have committed to and attended a facility doesn’t mean that everything will follow automatically from that. You need to make a special effort to get involved in the program in any way that you can. When you are in a session, make sure to speak up and raise your hand. Try to volunteer for optional classes and therapies.

The actual therapy sessions may only take up a small part of each day. Expand upon what you do in therapy by doing additional work and reading on your own time.

Find a Program that Matches You and Your Needs

Your success at an addiction recovery facility will depend in large part on how suited to your needs the treatment is. You should pursue a program that directly addresses your age, gender, and religious orientation. Everyone has unique traits, and you will find that the closer a program is matched with your traits, the greater your success will be.

Maintain Responsibility

It is a real truth that substance abuse is the result of a brain disorder that you are not able to fully control. However, that does not absolve you completely of the responsibility to make smart choices.

Rehab can help you with issues of gaining control over your life and your behavior. It will give you skills that help you to recognize your triggers and the control to not give in to them.

Each person experiences a treatment program differently. This means that every person will need different tricks to aid them in their success. However, you will need to commit yourself and to pursue any help that you can gain access to. You will need a support network that is comprised of family, friends, and support group members.

You will find in the process of rehab that you simply cannot go it alone. You will need to pursue treatment at a center where they understand the nature of your issues and can give you the tools necessary to achieve a permanent sobriety.

Success at achieving sobriety is a combination of a strong commitment and the development of skills to deal with life and difficult situations.

We can help you get on the road to achieving a permanent sobriety. Our counselors are ready to accept your call 24 hours a day. Please reach us at 888-380-0667. You can ask us about anything that relates to your ongoing issues.

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