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A wise author doctor known by the name of ‘Suess’ once wrote, “Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them”. A bold Peter Pan like statement calling out all the grown men and women who are too good for Green Eggs and Ham. Yet we’re all still children in some way. Sure legally there is an age where we mature to adulthood, but at what point do we truly begin to lose our inner child? We are all just as lost as the next as we blindly feel our way through life, balancing on a teeter totter of juvenile behavior and aged wisdom.


Seuss was a brilliant man who would often write about the types of people we encounter on a daily basis. He’d write about morals, values, and perspectives outside the social norm in some instances. Moreover, it was always about the potential the world or some being may have. One of his greatest imprints was being able to recognize that every individual is unique in their own way. Very uplifting material for something laced with such simplicity. He couldn’t be more right too; every human being that has ever lived or is currently living is different than the last. No specific genetic code can replicate itself naturally beyond scientific affair. Millions and billions of people to have lived, all trying to understand and be understood in this world. Think about all the lonely people- where do they all come from?   


What Types of People are in Treatment?

Lonely or not, we are all the products of our own actions. We choose to find company or we choose to isolate, we choose good or we choose evil, and we choose right or we choose wrong. However, external influence is always a factor in our decision making. For each and every decision we make, it’s important to take the people around us into account. Their path of righteousness may not emulate ours, especially when it comes to getting clean from drugs and alcohol.


Nature versus nurture can really take hold here as getting sober can be like the pushing of a restart button for many. As we push that button, it’s vital to our newfound recovery to realize there are types of people we need to surround ourselves with and there are types of people to avoid in treatment. Do we want to make this recovery thing an actual successful lifestyle, or do we want to follow others down an already traveled path of bad judgment? THAT’S the decision that lies within us. We have to decide whether there are those types of people to avoid in treatment or not.


People like “The Invisible Man” are the types to avoid in treatment. This is the type of person that can see the faults of others but can’t see themselves. This is the type of person you don’t want to follow in treatment. Other types include but are not limited to:

  • The Veteran
  • The Negative Nancy
  • Too Cool for School
  • Mr. Know it All


They say we’re supposed to be non-judgmental, but then there are certain people that we have to allow our inner intuition to speak for. Sometimes there are people that you just feel in your gut are a bad idea to be around.  Looking out for these types of people in rehab is imperative for a successful immigration into early sobriety.


The Veteran

One of the more common people to avoid are the ones that love to tell war stories. These are the characters that will sit there and have a pissing contest with you about who got higher that one time. They are usually seemingly unhappy in their early recovery unless they are discussing their battle scars and the “crazy fun” they kept having that one time. These types of people will continue to glorify the notion of getting high when everybody in rehab around them, including yourself, is just trying to get away from it all.


The Negative Nancy

Upon entering rehab, anybody and their mother will tell you that thinking positively will make things can get pretty heavy. There will be a lot of discomfort as a lot of change in brought on rapidly.


There will always be this type of person in rehab who just always seems to have that “sad clown” look glued to their face. They will think, act, and look as pessimistically as possible. Their mannerisms will embody the concept that life just cannot go on without the love affair they had with the narcotics and booze. These types of people are important to avoid in treatment because they plant a heaviness that will have you second guessing your glass being “half full”.


Too Cool for School

Okay, so the reality is, rehab is not another chance at high school. Don’t be manipulated by the person who wants to break the rules just a little bit always. They will want to sneak out after curfew or bring contraband into the rehab. They are the ones who may be liked by most but aren’t doing what’s right for themselves. Sometimes this type of person is a little harder to distinguish but nonetheless is a person to avoid once their true colors begin to fly.


Mr. Know It All

We’re all familiar with the type of person who you can’t teach a thing. They are close minded, stubborn, and have been through all life has to offer. If they’re general response is to one-up you or there’s the rhetorical, “Yeah I know”- then you have your Mr. Know it All. This type of person to avoid in treatment might not wear it on their face, but will be distinguishable more so thru their words or response to every single bit of humble challengings. Some say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but age matters not when it comes to getting clean. No matter who you befriend, don’t let that person hinder your chances at a happy and sober life.  


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