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The Stay-At-Home Order and Alcohol Abuse

The Stay-At-Home Order and Alcohol Abuse | Just Believe Recovery
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Are you stuck at home or still out on the front lines? Either way, it’s stressful. Since the shutdown has begun, everyday things have changed. We have to plan every time we have to leave the house. Besides illness and death, COVID-19 has brought on a wave of stress that everyone is feeling.

Stuck At Home?

There are those who lost their jobs, are working from home, or are quarantined. It is a lonely and stressful situation. For those who have children- take a deep breath. Being stuck at home, with or without children, is really starting to take a toll on some people’s sanity. People are beginning to feel the stress and anxiety of the unknown length of this stay-at-home order. This may affect you in negative ways if you let it. Don’t grab a beer at 1 pm just because you can. Just because you are home, do not let the stress or boredom drive you to drink. It can begin to feel like the walls are closing in on you. But, they aren’t. There are things you can do that can make you feel a little bit better.

Still Working?

Those that are still out there working- thank you. It has been challenging to try and keep yourself safe and still try to help keep the world spinning. It has been even more difficult to keep service moving and keep your workplace as safe as possible for the customers. The healthcare workers, truck drivers, mechanics, customer service workers, the food industry workers are all out there making sure we all still have what we need. The pharmacists are out there working so we can continue taking the medications we need. Although a lot of jobs have been lost, there are a lot that haven’t. There are people going out every day making it possible for everyone else to have the necessities and have some semblance of normal.

The stress and anxiety of being out there working can take its toll, as well. It can be concerning to be out there possibly exposing yourself. Even taking all the proper precautions can still be worrying. Some of the workers have had to quarantine themselves from their own families. If you live with someone at a higher risk for infection you have to stay away from them. Try not to let the stress and anxiety of the risk taken by continuing working drive you crazy. Some companies have taken precautions to help keep their employees safe. Some made their employees wear face masks before it was mandated. Some employees feel their company hasn’t taken the precautions that they should.

The most important thing is to keep yourself safe. Keep washing your hands. Wear those gloves. Ensure your customers are staying 6ft away from each other. Try to relax when you get home from work. Don’t go right to the fridge and grab a beer to relax. Try to find other ways to take a load off.

Increased Alcohol Use

According to the Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), a wine and spirits distribution company, sales of spirits jumped by around 50% for the week ending March 21. Nationally, the overall increase for the week, according to Nielsen data, was a 55% spike in sales. A national spike of 55% of alcohol sales is an intimidating number. Ironically, the sales of the beer Corona have risen 50%. Whether you are home or still working, do not let the loneliness, stress, and anxiety drive you to drink. This could easily lead to alcohol abuse. Also, gradually leading some into addiction. The alcohol industry has created and promoted online drinking parties. Daryl Davies, professor of clinical pharmacology at the USC School of Pharmacy and Director of the Alcohol and Brain Research Laboratory at USC has spoken out about the potential for alcohol abuse. He has said economic dislocation, job loss, and fear of death by disease are triggers for substance abuse. Which also heightens the risk of other issues like suicide and domestic violence. Stay-at-home orders have limited the access to vital support systems.

This is why we need to keep coming up with ways to stay connected to our support systems. For example, AA and NA have created online meetings. Although it is online instead of in a room, the feeling of togetherness can still be there. That is what can keep us going in the right direction. Never giving up on feeling connected to those positive and supportive people in our lives. You may feel yourself slipping into a dark place, but the core idea of what a sober community does for each other is still there. You can still call your sponsor at 3 am if you need to. You can still feel a part of your community. The ripple effect of COVID-19 does not have to affect sobriety. We do not have to let it. We can stay sober and face this craziness head-on. Stay positive and take it day-by-day. If you do feel like you need help- reach out. Help will always be available.

Treatment for Alcoholism

Many people find it difficult to quit drinking on their own. Most addiction professionals advise those who are dependent on alcohol to enroll in an integrated treatment program that focuses on evidence-based services, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychoeducation, individual and group counseling, and peer group support.

Just Believe Recovery employs highly-trained addiction specialists who deliver these services to each individual we treat with compassion and expertise. We provide people with the tools, resources, and support they need to achieve sobriety and enjoy long-lasting health and wellness.

If you are suffering from alcohol addiction, please contact us as soon as you can to discover how we can help you get started on your recovery journey!

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