The Sober Transformation of the Mind and Body

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90 degrees is the exact curvature humanity has established as the “perfect” corner. The same can be said for 360 degrees if we are looking to form the “perfect” circle. Yet 180 degrees just forms a simple line from its original point. This line could go in a multitude of different directions, but it’s not saving itself with sharp corners or running in circles. There is a straight, clear path to follow. All geometry aside, the same can be said for the sober transformation of the mind and body. Recovery will provide a clear pathway to follow if given the opportunity to blossom.  

While in active addiction, we are just a bunch of incomplete lines and uncompleted shapes. We have the potential to become something worthy, but we squander that prospective with drugs and alcohol. Of course addiction strives further than just some unwarranted chemicals. The in-completion can be from gambling, cutting, or even over/under eating, because alcoholic thinking attached to anything can be unhealthy to a certain degree. However, today we’re focusing specifically on the sober transformation of the mind and body from substance abuse.

You see, addiction creates a camouflaged obsession that allows us to willingly throw everything good in life out the door in order to use. We become confused, running in so many different directions trying to find our way, and life is already confusing enough in itself. This lost direction goes on for some time until we get clean…or we don’t. Unfortunately far too many never do. On the other hand, those of us that finally do make this step, we experience a rejuvenation like no other. We click our reset button on the graph of life and welcome the sober transformation of the mind and body for the better..  

Sober Morphing the Mind and Body

Upon entering recovery, it is imperative to know that sometimes you must run twice as fast just to stay in place; a favorite saying of mine from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, (I’m often times just a broken record player skipping on repeat in the background). The quote could never be more true for those fleeing from their previous life of un-manageability. Recovery for one requires much upkeep, and for two, it never ends. That being said, whence we are caught up in life, there isn’t time for stagnation. The sober transformation of the mind and body requires the due diligence of that 180 degree turn toward wellness; always recovering to no end. This is why there are literal steps and guidelines to avoid turning 170 or 190 degrees too far. There must be balance.    

You see, the mind and body are connected in more ways than we realize. It’s kind of like: point A connects to point B, which connects to point C, etc etc. Your circulatory system is connected to your muscular system, which is connected to your nervous system, which is connected to the digestive… You get the point. Everything happening in the healing process of the mind directly affects the body. So if you do things to strengthen your body, they will strengthen your mind and vice versa of course. The same goes for deterioration with narcotics and booze. It’s a complete lose/lose situation for those still in active addiction. Nobody is winning even though the mind is telling you that you are. Very twisted.

The Neverending Sober Transformation

A few of the guidelines for a mind on the mend include:

  • The 12 Steps
  • Meditation/Praying
  • Creating a Support Network
  • Reading/Educating Yourself
  • Continued Healthy Practices

Everybody’s mind is different, so not everybody will get the same reaction from these process’. Some will enjoy specific things more than others, and some will respond quicker to positive stimuli over others. Rest assured that it’s just a matter of a little introspection and figuring yourself out as we push forward in this life after getting sober. After a little perseverance, the sober transformation of the mind and body will return your rational sanity back to the “used to” you might vaguely remember before addiction overtook.

Those steps and guidelines will help the sober transformation of the mind. The body will follow along with continued sobriety and other practices such as exercise or yoga, if the inclination is there. We will have to begin taking care of ourselves (something many of us are unaccustomed to). This means things like eating healthy from time to time, getting regular amounts of uninterrupted sleep, and stimulating our bodies in a hearty manner. With some time these methods become habits, and the sober transformation of the mind and body is occurring without any effort. That is true recovery.  

Becoming Anew

In beginning of the sober transformation of the mind and body, as long as we are doing things conducive for our health, changes will make them self more and more imminent every day. The circulatory system will begin regenerating new blood cells that fight off autoimmune diseases and cancer cells, replacing the old ones more rapidly. The digestive system will loosen back up as constipation from chemicals subsides. Muscles will begin to pump with blood as fatigue is washed away from activity. Releasing endorphins with activities such as exercise, sex, or volunteering/helping others will have this whole new connected meaning that we had long forgotten about. Things in life will begin to have resolved meaning.  

Clearly, certain healthy patterns will make or break our relative state of well being in recovery. The sober transformation of the mind and body will allow us to listen to what our minds/bodies need with a renewed awareness of self. Taking care of the mind, body, and soul will propel us in the complete opposite direction than that of active addiction. 180 degrees. If you or a loved one is struggling with drug and/or alcohol abuse, please give us a call to see what your options are for treatment 888-380-0667.

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