Does Drug Rehab Cure Addiction?

Drug addiction is impossible to fully “cure” because it is as much about overcoming a chemical dependency as it is behavioral training. For instance, each time the brain accesses the drug, the brain experiences chemical changes outside the norm and essentially rewires because of those intense surges of drug-induced activity. Likewise, the person is then trained by the brain to want more of the drug, so they act on cravings consistently.

Scientific studies and clinical trials have created some drugs to help the brain recover from chemical changes, but much of our drug rehab in North Carolina focuses on behavioral changes. To achieve long-term abstinence, therapists first help users rethink why they are craving the drugs, and then they help them learn how to overcome those cravings. They will also help them address other psychological difficulties that may have contributed to the substance abuse.

While rehab cannot keep people from ever using drugs again, it does give individuals tools to use when facing drug cravings, and it gives encouragement to continue staying healthy and clean