Narcotics Abuse and Drug Addiction : What Are The Dangers?

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Narcotics are a group of addictive drugs with sleep-inducing or numbing properties. The term has come to stand for any drug containing opioids. This group of powerful drugs has caused an incredible amount of damage in the US over the past two decades, as prescription drug abuse continues to rise.

The Rise of Narcotics Abuse in AmericaNarcotics Abuse

According to statistics 259 million prescriptions for opioid painkillers were issued in America in 2012 alone. This is enough to give a full bottle of opioids to every adult in America.

The sad reality is that many of these prescriptions result in drug abuse and addiction. In many US states, prescription painkillers are the #1 most abused drug.

Methadone: A Double-Edged Sword

A prescription drug that has become a primary part of opioid recovery programs everywhere is methadone. This drug is used during rehab to help relieve the pain of opioid withdrawals. These notorious withdrawals are much more bearable with the help of methadone.

But it’s not all roses with this prescription drug—methadone contains opioids as well, and is therefore also addictive.

How Do You Defend Yourself Against Narcotics Abuse?

Comprehensive drug rehab is the most proven way to overcome your addiction to narcotics. People who try to quit drug abuse on their own put themselves at great risk for a deadly overdose.

Professional monitoring is the key to following through with detox and completing rehab, two primary hurdles on the way to a complete recovery.

Reputable Florida Rehab

With the help of detox, the 12-step program, and counseling, you can break down the behaviors and conquer the habits of addiction.

Florida is the best place to complete a rehab program because of the natural beauty and the fresh environment. It’s important to get away from the familiar environment where your addiction began. See how you can end your narcotic addiction by beginning your recovery in Florida.

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