How to Create a Solid Foundation in Sobriety

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Everything we do in life usually has a beginning, middle, and an end- not just your bedtime stories. We all come into this world more or less the same way: starting out from infancy, traveling through the years only to develop mentally and physically as the grains of sand in life’s hourglass continue to drop day by day. At some point in time, everything was fresh to us. Even the things we know best and are most accustomed to have their birth into our life. Our first words, first steps- even our first falls had their origin day. After all, nobody perfects anything on the first go-around. Life itself takes time and practice.  


While out practicing, we make mistakes attempting to master the crafts in our world. From these mistakes we either learn from them or we don’t, but nonetheless the world doesn’t quit spinning. Of all these mistakes and world of new, some of us find the taste for narcotics and/or alcohol. Maybe not mistakenly at first, but once fully immersed, it doesn’t matter what the record indicates. We like the rush. We like the feeling. We’d like it to never end- but eventually it does and we’re left with the woes of our reality.  


Addiction then drops us on our heads and we come to the realization that the time for change is now. We can get caught up in our addictive tendencies or we can decide to get clean and maybe try this recovery thing out for a little bit. I mean, if it can create a solid foundation of sobriety in our lives- why not? Maybe this is a beginning we can proudly stand by.


Laying the Base to Your Solid Foundation

When it comes to creating a solid foundation in sobriety, things begin to get real. The substances are now gone and can no longer mask the fear and anxiety that comes bellowing out in social settings. We have to act like productive members of society instead of like riff raff. We’re even left with our own thoughts at some points- can you imagine? In all seriousness though, this sobriety thing will require doing things the average person doesn’t need to. Some of the things that will be required to create a solid foundation in sobriety will include:

  • Getting a sponsor
  • Finding strong sober supports
  • Attending meetings
  • Working the 12 steps
  • Creating healthy routines and habits


The list goes on, but these are just a few crucial pieces to start with. These actions are vital to creating and maintaining that foundation of sobriety. You see, recovery is one of the easiest and hardest things we can ever put ourselves through- it just depends on your perspective of the matter. You have to ask yourself at some point though what your reasons for creating a solid foundation in sobriety truly are. Are you doing this for yourself, or are there ulterior motives?(Court, family intervention, roof over your head, etc).


A Sponsor? Like Coca-Cola?

Upon getting sober, most of us enter Alcoholics Anonymous lacking any clue what it is you’re supposed to actually do besides not drink. Who’s to teach us all of this sobriety wisdom we haven’t the slightest inkling about? We’ve all come across this term of support at some point or another, but this time it’s different than the companies you see funding NASCAR. This isn’t for financial backing but more so for psychological. A sponsor is somebody you ask to help guide you through the 12 step of Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous as you create your solid foundation in sobriety. They are a mentor of sorts that you will need to lean on in times of need.


The idea of having a sponsor is not only to lead you through the 12 steps, but to also get you in the habit of asking for help from others. Along with a sponsor, sober supports will be the very essence of fellowship and the basage for creating a solid foundation in recovery. Asking for help can be described as “to contribute to the effectiveness or improvement of something”. It does not make one weak nor less favorable. To achieve any form of higher learning in this world requires assistance- it’s just fact.


As human beings we are intelligent and adaptive creatures, but often we need a push in the right direction. Having some form of aid allows us to catalog the past actions of others and not be doomed to repeat the same mistakes some have made. A sponsor will lend a hand and show their sponsee what they did to achieve the magnificent enlightenment that resides in their life.  


Making Sure You’re Unbreakable   

Many of us walk into the rooms and don’t realize how much we are creatures of habit. After living so many odd years, we become familiarized to our routines. We know what we like and when we like it. In the world of recovery however, sometimes it’s about separating our wants from our needs. It’s about doing things that are good for us even when we don’t want to and our inner child is throwing a temper-tantrum.


Getting a routine down that can be more or less expected everyday is a winning choice move. There’s no need to become robotic and do the same exact thing day in and day out. We’re not looking for monotony, just less spontaneity. Throw a little pizzazz into your day of course but have a general blueprint mapped out. Having too much time to ourselves can be detrimental to our recovery. After all, idle hands are the devil’s workshop. Those idle hands will be what tears down the solid foundation in sobriety we’ve worked so hard to create. Anybody can be their own worst enemy but this is especially true to those of us in recovery.  


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