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How Have Rehabs in Florida Changed Over the Past 20 Years?

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Florida rehabs have been evolving into better versions of themselves for the last 20 years. Keep in mind that 20 years ago, scientists and even doctors understood very little about the progressive disease of addiction. Was it physical? Was it mental? Both? Now there are doctors and scientists who have 20 years worth of research to encourage them to create rehabs that more effectively help people with all forms of addiction.

Psychology has also progressed at a rapid rate over the past several decades. The Internet itself has a lot to do with this change. With so much free-flowing information and rapid exchange of ideas, combined with an ongoing discourse on the major issues, experts are now able to create rehabs that help clients better.

Changes in Modern Rehabs

There are a few major changes that help more than anything else, although this is by no means an expansive list of the way Florida rehabs have changed over the last 20 years. It’s merely an overview of the major changes. These include:

  • Alternative therapies such as music therapy and art therapy
  • Greater focus on dual diagnosis
  • Greater social acceptance of rehabs as places where people can get help
  • More confidentiality and privacy laws
  • More acceptance of drug addiction as a medical disorder

Each one of these changes makes a modern rehab more helpful to clients than at any point in history. There’s no longer any need to feel shame for entering rehab. Now it’s a source of pride, and there are legions of websites and online communities that can show you how proud you should be of seeking help. New therapies are abundant, and we’ve just mentioned two of the most helpful here. There’s plenty more of those to help you recover. Recovery 20 years ago was a much different thing than it is now. With new knowledge, new camaraderie among those who are recovering, and new privacy laws, it’s easy now than ever to get help for any kind of substance abuse disorder.

Appreciating the Changes

The connection between mental illness and substance abuse wasn’t always known, and even after it was known, many rehab centers 20 years ago focused on just one problem instead of integrating a program that treated both disorders. Self-medicating has probably been around since people started abusing drugs, but it has only been in the last 20 years that rehabs have addressed the issue and instituted policies to treat both serious problems.

Alternative therapies such as music and art therapy are just now making lively appearances in rehabs and helping people refocus their attention away from drugs or alcohol and onto healthier activities. Likewise, a greater understanding of addiction as a medical disorder helps rehabs more capable of addressing those issues with approved medicines that lessen the severity of the detox period’s symptoms. This is not an exhaustive list of ways in which the rehabs of Florida have changed, but it’s a list of the most important ways that they’ve changed. Each of these changes makes rehabs a more comfortable, helpful place for people seeking hope after addiction.

How to Take Advantage of these Changes

New privacy laws and a greater understanding of addiction in this modern era mean that people can enter rehab without any shame at all. Rehabs in Florida protect the identity of people within their institutions, and they only share your recovery with people that you approve of. Counselors and staff members respect your confidentiality and require that other residents of the rehab also respect your privacy. Counselors have greater access to techniques to help with an addiction in this modern era, with millions of peer-reviewed research to skim through or study at will.

Continuing education on the part of counselors, a long legacy of research, and new therapies never before heard of even 20 short years ago, rehabs now are able to help you in ways that they never could before. If you’ve used rehabs before and still found yourself relapsing later, please give modern rehabs another chance to reach out and extend hope to you. Thanks to so much time passing, and a wealth of new knowledge about addiction, you can get the help you need today and have so many tools on your side that didn’t even exist 20 years ago.

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