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How Do I Find a Tricare Drug Rehab That Is Fully or Mostly Covered?

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Drug dependency can cause adverse effects on your finances, primarily through loss of employment, loss of a source of income and financial irresponsibility while financing the addiction habit. For some people, financing addiction treatment can be termed as a leading barrier to assessing help. At this point, the idea of entering a treatment program may seem impossible because there simply are no funds and support. Veterans, in particular, struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder that pushes a significant number of them into substance abuse. Luckily for military service members, retirees, and their families, the Tricare insurance takes over money matters for addiction and mental health treatment.

Tricare insurance covers different levels of substance abuse treatment. Certain drug rehabs incorporate Tricare insurance as a mode of payment for treatment services offered to these veterans. Tracking the right rehab center for your treatment to pay up for the services through Tricare insurance can be daunting. So, here are some ways to help make the tracking work easier.


As earlier mentioned, addiction among military service members is prevalent. A significant number have some experience with addiction and its treatment. Since you are already in the network of veterans and current military members, consider inquiring from trusted friends about a reputable treatment center that accepts Tricare insurance. These references can be an excellent starting point.

Now that you have a list of Tricare rehab centers dig deep into research collecting information about their services. Does Tricare insurance cover all their services? How much can you afford if the insurance covers partly? What are your needs? Does the drug rehab offer these services? The answers to these pivotal questions should help you narrow down to a few facilities.

Contact the insurance provider

Little known to the majority of people, insurance companies work in conjunction with specialists and providers to offer services to patients. Contact your Tricare insurance provider and request a list of providers in their network. Again, you might want to research these rehab facilities recommended by the insurance provider. Seek to know their services, their reputation, and how much you might be looking to dig into your pockets as a personal expense.

Research online

In an era with so much digital information at your disposal, the internet might come in handy when trying to find a Tricare drug rehab. Simply type into your browser, “Tricare drug rehab near me.” The results should give you a great list of facilities that accept Tricare insurance. With several options to choose from, find out more about their services and its compatibility with your finances, faith, and lifestyle. It should help you cross out a few. You could take a trip to some of these facilities and see which one of them has an environment that excites you. At times it’s challenging to make a choice without making actual physical contact with the rehab representatives and also without having a real feel of the facility.

Ask your primary healthcare provider

Your primary healthcare provider may have a valuable network at his or her disposal. Once you are decided about seeking treatment for your addiction, open up to your primary healthcare provider. Let them know you are willing to receive assistance. Most likely, they will use their friends’ contacts and doctor networks to find information on the most convenient Tricare drug rehabs around. If you had a personal relationship with your primary doctor, they should have enough information about your desires and preferences in choosing a facility.

Schedule interviews

Tag along with a family member or close friend when visiting these Tricare drug rehabs. They should help you make an informed decision about the rehab facility. During your visit, ask all your questions about the services, their treatment success rates, and their terms and conditions. Some facilities accept full coverage while some require partial coverage for certain services. Put all your needs into consideration before signing up for treatment. Tricare insurance does not cover some treatments such as acupuncture, custodial therapy, and biofeedback. You might want to straighten out these factors before enrolling for treatment.

There you have it! A complete guide on how to find a Tricare drug rehab for your addiction treatment. We appreciate the work that veterans and military service members do for our country. In the same spirit, we strive to help them back at their lowest. Are you struggling with drug addiction and seek to have the Tricare insurance cover your treatment expenses? Talk to us and let us guide and help you through the journey. Call us today at 888-380-0667.

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