Gummy Candy Found at Florida High School was Laced with THC

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Gummy Candy Found at Florida High School was Laced with THC

Parents and student in Pinellas County have been warned – THC-laced candy was found at Boca Ciega High School in Gulfport this past week.

According to the Pinellas County School District, 7 kids consumed the candy, and 4 were made quite ill from it. They are gummy bears reportedly spiked with THC.

Kellie Boxx is the mother of a girl who was one of the four student who were made ill by the candy. She was taken to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.


“She ate some gummy bears or something that was supposed to be injected with something. I’m not happy with this at all. She threw up a whole lot.”

“I’m mad at the school for one, and I mad at whoever gave it to her for two. I think these teachers need to have better insight on the kids, what’s going on with those kids.”

Another classmate supplied the candy to the youth. Two have been arrested for their alleged involvement.

Petersburg Police Department’s Vice and Narcotics Division recently seized more THC-laced treats during an investigation. Among them were marshmallow cereal treats, gummies and lollipops laced with THC.

Rosie Santiago is a sophomore at the school. She says her friend got ill as well.


“She just thought it was a piece of candy. She just ate it like a regular piece of candy and just started tripping out and freaking out. She was dazing, had her head down, just kind of in a trance. You couldn’t really talk to her. She couldn’t function well, just real slow kind of just losing your mind, honestly.”

This isn’t the first time drugs have been found in candy. Around the nation, prescription medications have been injected into gummies or absorbed into other candy. One middle school in California found Smarties candies containing meth.

Although you can’t fatally overdose from THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, symptoms of an overdose can be quite severe. Hallucinations, slurred speech, or nausea and vomiting may be present.

In addition, the St. Petersburg Police Department have also uncovered five other suspected drug-laced sweets since the beginning of the year. The snacks included Rice Krispie treats, gummy bears and a Marshmallow Peep.

~ G. Nathalee Serrels, M.A., Psychology

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