12 Activities to Replace Drug Use in Recovery

Drug or alcohol addiction treatment should always provide coping skills to be used as a way to manage stressors or cravings. Even behavioral therapies, family therapy, and group therapies will utilize certain activities to enrich the recovery process and promote self-expression. Our drug treatment programs in Pennsylvania stabilize behavioral health while also treating substance use disorders.

These therapeutic activities can be used to distract from distress, work through emotion, and replace harmful habits. Practicing these therapeutic activities can grow you mentally, physically, and spiritually, and you can find joy in doing them!

Here are 12 therapeutic activities to practice in and out of recovery:

  1. Crossword Puzzles
  2. Origami
  3. Read a Book
  4. Squeeze a Stress Ball
  5. Play with a Fidgeting Device
  6. Listen to Music
  7. Exercise
  8. Watch a Comedy
  9. Do a Puzzle or Play Board Games
  10. Take a Bubble Bath
  11. Cooking
  12. Journaling