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Womens Inpatient Rehab

Port Saint Lucie — a coastal urban town located an hour north of Palm Beach in Florida’s renowned Treasure Coast — is quite different and unique from what most people expect from a Floridian city. Despite having a population of nearly 200,000, Port Saint Lucie still offers unbridled wildlife preserves that would appeal to the biggest nature lovers. As such, the town of Port Saint Lucie has something for almost everyone, making it an ideal place to seek treatment for a substance abuse disorder.

So it should come as no surprise that Just Believe Recovery would offer a women’s drug and alcohol rehab in Port Saint Lucie. Whether you’re exploring recovery options for yourself or seeking information on behalf of a loved one suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction, Just Believe Recovery offers several high-quality, well-rounded substance abuse treatment programs for people from all walks of life. When you choose Just Believe Recovery for your women’s recovery needs, you’ll have the best odds of achieving stable, long-lasting sobriety and benefit from the incredible support systems that we offer.

People are unique and different. Each person has his or her own background and history, having had experiences that shaped his or her perspective and psychology. When you try to lump people into a single category, it’s a major disservice to all, resulting in most of these individuals failing to have their own specific needs and preferences met. For this reason, it’s important to become knowledgeable about the different forms of substance abuse and addiction treatment that are available. This will allow each individual to best choose the form of treatment most appropriate for his or her own needs.

Women’s alcohol and drug addiction treatment is just one of numerous different addiction rehabilitation program types, which also includes faith-based treatment programs, outpatient programs, and even holistic or alternative programs. In short, our women’s drug and alcohol rehab in Port Saint Lucie has been specially designed in such a way as to be particularly well-suited to helping women who are suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction to achieve long-lasting recovery.

Typically, the best way to determine whether a specific alcohol or drug addiction treatment program is right for you or your loved one is to compare the characteristics and offerings of the program to other types of programs. Not only does this help to illustrate the key differences that distinguish one program from another, it ensures that prospective patients choose the programs that are best matched to their individual needs and preferences. Since choosing the wrong program or a program that’s not appropriate for one’s background makes success in recovery extremely difficult, learning about different treatment programs is usually the first step on the journey toward lasting recovery.

Of course, our women’s drug and alcohol rehab in Port Saint Lucie isn’t merely a standard treatment program that’s available only to women suffering from substance abuse. If that were the case, the specific treatments and services that comprise the program would be the same as virtually any other addiction treatment program, but that’s not actually the case.

Our women’s drug and alcohol rehab has been designed to meet women’s needs. From the specific treatments that we’ve selected for inclusion in the program to the specific scope and topics covered in most psychotherapy and group counseling sessions, we’ve taken immense care to ensure that the entirety of the program caters to the issues, circumstances, and experiences most pertinent and relevant to women who are suffering from substance abuse problems.

The journey from active addiction to sustainable recovery is different for everyone. Just as every person is unique from all others, one individual’s journey of recovery is likewise unique from others’ recovery journeys, too. This means that in spite of the inevitable similarities that exist when it comes to how patients proceed through the clinical rehabilitation process, there will always been some variation to account for those aforementioned differences in needs and preferences.

Generally, the first phase in achieving lasting recovery is detoxification. Though detox treatment isn’t a requirement for all individuals or all forms of addiction, it’s still a common element to recovery and a precursor to enrolling in a program like our women’s drug and alcohol rehab at Port Saint Lucie. In effect, drug and alcohol detoxification is designed to address the physical aspects of an addiction. Rather than being forced to cope with potential withdrawal symptoms while attempting to complete an addiction treatment program, detoxification allows patients to overcome physical addiction separately as part of an initial period of treatment that precedes the actual treatment program. Although detox treatment is never a bad idea, it’s considered most essential for alcohol and benzodiazepine addictions.

Once detoxification is complete, the patient can proceed with our women’s drug and alcohol rehab in Port Saint Lucie. Again, the specific treatments and therapies that comprise the program are variable because we want to make sure each patient’s needs are addressed over the course of the program; however, a major focus of our rehabilitative programming is psychotherapy. Both individual and group-based therapy sessions account for a significant portion of the time spent in our women’s rehab.

There are a number of benefits to enrolling in our women’s drug and alcohol rehab in Port Saint Lucie, many of which pertain to gender differences. As you’re probably aware, there are some significant differences between how men and women live and participate in society. For example, men are often labeled the “breadwinners” while women are the nurturers. But there are other differences that can have more significant implications, such as the unfortunate reality that women are more commonly victims of physical and/or sexual abuse. These incidents often result in women suffering from post-traumatic stress, a condition that’s been known to be a major factor in the development of drug and alcohol problems.

So the most notable benefit of our women’s drug and alcohol rehab in Port Saint Lucie is the fact that our program has been designed in such a way as to offer support and treatment for the types of situations and disorders that women tend to experience much more frequently than men. For example, since women are more likely to be victims of sexual abuse crimes, our program offers in-depth abuse counseling and trauma recovery support. Again, these are issues that research has found are closely tied to the development of substance abuse disorders, making them issues that must be addressed and treated if a woman is to achieve stable, long-lasting sobriety.

Whether you’re looking for recovery options for a loved one or for yourself, Just Believe Recovery offers a selection of high-quality programs and a diverse, experienced staff of clinicians to help achieve recovery goals. For more information about our women’s drug and alcohol rehab in Port Saint Lucie, or for information about our other offerings, call us today at 888-380-0667

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Unlike many other addiction treatment programs in South Florida, Just Believe Recovery provides all necessary levels of care for the individual. From your initial phone call to us, through the detox process and all the way through each level of residential and outpatient treatment – you will work with the same team from start to finish. You can rest assured that your complete care will be with only one facility.

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