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Mens Drug Rehab

If you’ve never been to Florida, it’s likely you have some mental image or expectation of what a Floridian city would look like. And you likely imagine the city occupied by either a sea of gray-haired seniors or heavy-drinking spring breakers. When it comes to the coastal yet urban city of Port Saint Lucie, those assumptions would be quite inaccurate.

Port Saint Lucie is a unique blend of undisturbed wildlife preservers for nature-lovers and bustling urban center for those who prefer more of a faster-paced environment. With a population of nearly 200,000, Port Saint Lucie is certainly no small city despite everything it has to offer in terms of picturesque natural scenery. So it should come as no surprise that Just Believe Recovery would choose Port Saint Lucie for our high-quality men’s drug and alcohol rehab.

Whether you’re exploring treatment option on behalf of a loved one or searching for the right rehab for your own recovery needs, our men’s drug and alcohol rehab in Port Saint Lucie is an ideal recovery solution for any man suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction. For this reason, we strongly encourage that you learn more about the program and what you can expect from it by continuing to read the information provided below.

When it comes to people, no two are the same. Each individual has unique experiences and comes from a unique background that shapes how he or she sees the world. Further, it shapes behavior, thought processes, and patterns of belief, factored into nearly every decision and choice. Thus, every individual who suffers from addiction to drugs or alcohol has come to be addicted through a unique set of circumstances and events. For this reason, it’s important to address the disease of addiction on an individual basis. Since no two people are the same, no two individuals suffering from addiction will require the exact same type of program and series of therapies or treatments.

Men’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment is just one of numerous types of rehabilitative support for the disease of addiction, which includes faith-based addiction treatment programs, women’s drug and alcohol rehabs, adolescent treatment programs, and many others. While there are many ways a men’s program differs from other types of alcohol and drug addiction treatment, the key differentiator is that our men’s drug and alcohol rehab in Port Saint Lucie has been designed in such a way as to focus on treatments and therapeutic techniques that are particularly relevant and useful to men. For this reason, our men’s rehab is an optimal rehabilitative solution for men who are suffering from chronic substance abuse or addiction as our program will address many of the gender and social issues that men tend to face and which could potentially have triggered the substance abuse disorder.

One of the best ways to determine whether an addiction treatment program is right for you or your loved one is to compare that treatment program to other program types. Not only will this help you to gain a better understanding of what makes the program unique, it’ll help you to better understand some of the differences in scope of these programs and how the treatments utilized as part of these programs target very specific demographic groups or recovery needs. As research has shown, choosing the wrong addiction treatment program for one’s needs can be catastrophic and potentially negate all the possible benefits of completing an addiction treatment program, leaving the patient hardly in better shape than he or she was before enrolling in the program.

While many might assume that our men’s drug and alcohol rehab is simply a normal treatment program that’s available only to male patients and prospective enrollees, that’s not actually the case. As it happens, there are a number of fundamental differences with which we have distinguished our men’s drug and alcohol rehab in Port Saint Lucie from some of our other programs, including our women’s rehab and our co-ed inpatient rehab programs.

In particular, our men’s rehab has been designed in such a way as to appeal to and address the unique recovery needs that men tend to have. Of course, many of these pertain to indoctrinated gender roles and cultural expectations; however, many of the therapies and treatment methods employed as part of our men’s program have been altered in such a way as to be especially relevant to male patients.

If you’re knowledgeable about recovery in some way, you’re probably aware that the recovery process is highly variable. Since no two people require the exact same type of program or forms of treatment, the journey of recovery looks different for every patient. However, in spite of those differences that exist from one patient to another, there are some patterns that have emerged, showing a basic structure for clinical rehabilitation.

Depending on the substance to which a patient is addiction, the rehabilitation journey could begin with an initial period of detoxification treatment. In short, this is a period of time during which the patient overcome the physical components of addiction prior to participating in actual substance abuse treatment. This ensures that the patient isn’t experiencing withdrawal symptoms while attempting to participate in treatment.

Following detoxification, the patient is usually eligible to begin the actual treatment program. Though there are some variations, most of our addiction treatment programs have a core of individual psychotherapy and group-based counseling. Beyond psychotherapies, many patients will have opportunities to participate in a host of supplemental and complementary therapies.

It stands to reason that enrolling in any addiction treatment program is better than not enrolling in an addiction treatment program at all. While that’s certainly true, there are differences between programs that make them more suitable to particular demographics or recovery needs, and that’s certainly the case with our men’s drug and alcohol rehab in Port Saint Lucie.

Much like our women’s drug and alcohol rehab, our men’s rehab is particularly benefit to men suffering from substance abuse disorders because the scope of the program has been modified in such a way as to be especially relevant to men. For example, poor communication with others is a very a common behavioral pattern among men. Since lack of communication can be a major factor in the development of a substance abuse problem, our men’s rehab includes a significant focus on communication, both with peers as well as family members and other loved ones. By helping our male patients to communicate better, they’ll alleviate one of the most common contributors to the development of addiction, resulting in a more stable and long-lasting recovery.

Whether you’re exploring recovery options for yourself or a loved one, the men’s drug and alcohol rehab in Port Saint Lucie is a great option for any man suffering from a substance abuse problem. To learn more about the program or one of our other offerings, call Just Believe Recovery at 888-380-0667 today.

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