Do All Drug Treatment Centers in Florida Work With Insurance Companies?

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Drug addiction is a hole that’s very difficult to escape from with any kind of hope still remaining. We all know that rehabilitation from a licensed drug and alcohol center is the only reliable treatment option available. However, the costs related to drug rehab can be very daunting. In fact, there are times when the costs become the very reason some people don’t seek help.

When someone is dealing with an addiction, the last thing they want to have to worry about is paying a large hospital bill. Fortunately, major healthcare plan providers are required by law to cover at least some portion of the rehabilitation costs related to drug addiction treatment on behalf of the insurance company’s customers. This was a dictate from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2009. According to the law, healthcare providers are required to treat addictions as they would any other medical condition. While the extent of coverage may vary based on the parameters of one’s insurance plan, people can still take solace in knowing some of the bill will be covered by insurance.

South Florida is known as the “rehab capital of the world.” A number of the area’s drug and alcohol treatment centers are considered to be among the best in the industry. This reputation has been earned through hard work and innovation. Gone are the days where patients were treated on an assembly line with only one treatment option available. The top counselors at the top rehabs, many of which are located in South Florida, have learned that each patient is a unique individual with a unique set of circumstances behind their addiction.

This has been the driving force behind the development of some of the following treatment modalities, all of which can be customized based on each patient’s needs.

  • Cognitive behavioral treatment
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Art and Music Therapy
  • Biofeedback therapy
  • Acupuncture therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Recreational therapy

These kinds of treatment options allow counselors to treat the whole patient, which has proven to be highly successful. The problems with this new approach to treatment is it takes time and time costs money.

This brings us to the heart of the article, “Do All Drug Treatment Centers in Florida Work With Insurance Companies?”

Florida Drug Treatment Centers and Insurance

After saying that healthcare insurance providers are required to cover some portion of addiction treatment, it’s important to make clear that drug and alcohol rehab centers are not required to accept insurance as a viable form of payment. Therefore, it’s easy to surmise that not all drug rehabs in Florida work with insurance companies. With that said, many rehabs in the area do accept healthcare insurance payment on behalf of its patients.

Unfortunately, addiction treatment has become a highly competitive industry. This forces treatment facilities to provide as many benefits to its patients as possible. Accepting insurance as a viable form of payment has become one of the first things prospective patients consider before making a choice.

The Benefits of Accepting Insurance

Addiction treatment is potentially expensive. This is especially true when treatment is sought in the form of residential treatment from a top rehab facility. By accepting healthcare insurance as a form of payment, rehab facilities are almost assured of a constant flow of patients who would otherwise be turned away due to the inability to pay. Insurance payments also tend to eliminate collection problems, which could cause unneeded stress for recovering addicts.

From this constant flow of patients, a rehab facility benefits by knowing its counselors have the flexibility to treat the patient with the best methods available. This is a good time to mention that it’s incumbent of the policyholder to verify exactly what forms of addiction treatment are covered. They will also want to confirm whether or not there’s a cap on the amount the insurance company will pay as well as what the co-pay amount would be. If solid coverage is in place, the rehab’s counselors can proceed without worrying about cost overruns. They can simply focus on getting their patients into recovery mode.

The Benefits of Insurance Coverage for the Patient

As indicated above, the lack of insurance coverage could result in a drug user not seeking help at all. When money is at issue, it’s quite possible an addict will simply resolve themselves to a life of turmoil. This isn’t good for the user, nor is it good for society as a whole.

There are a lot of people who don’t like certain aspects of the affordable care act. Just the same, there are parts of the ACA that most people do support. Treating addiction the same as any other illness is one of those parts. If nothing else, most people are compassionate towards people suffering from an addiction. They want those people to have access to treatment to prevent them from becoming a drag on society.

Above all, the patient needs to enter rehab knowing they are going to get the best care possible. They can also enjoy knowing they have access to some of the nation’s top rehab facilities. At this point in their lives, patients don’t need additional concerns, especially financial concerns.

If you are suffering from an addiction, we hope you won’t let financial concerns keep you from getting the help you need. We know it takes a lot of courage to admit you have an illness and want help. It’s for that reason we strive to make sure we can accept most forms of healthcare insurance. If you are ready for your journey to recovery, we can help, call now 888-380-0667. If you have any additional concerns about your healthcare insurance coverage, we will be glad to help you deal with your insurance company and get the answers you will need.

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