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Risky Business | Just Believe Recovery

Risky Business

We all do things that we know we shouldn’t do. We sometimes do bad things without even noticing. It could be finishing a whole bag of chips and not noticing they’re gone until you reach for another. Doing bad things does not make you a

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What Is a Sober Companion? | Just Believe Recovery

What Is a Sober Companion?

A sober companion is an individual who helps those in recovery adjust back into life, and works to promote their sobriety by offering both emotional and physical support. Essentially, this person’s job is to prevent someone new to recovery from relapsing during this critical and

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What does a Rehab do?

A drug rehab, or rehabilitation, is a facility a person goes to when they are ready to take the first step into recovery. Rehabs are places that help people looking for a better, healthier life away from drugs or alcohol. From admissions to aftercare, there

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How Can I Help a Drug Addict?

Addiction is a family disease. It affects everyone in the family circle differently. There are a lot of problems that come along with having an addict in your life. Whatever issues you are having that brought you here- here are some tips that may help

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Prescription Drugs

Can I Go To Work From A Residential Drug Treatment Center?

Getting treatment for drug addiction isn’t always a straightforward prospect. Although there are numerous residential drug treatment centers across the country, there are plenty of barriers that make accessing addiction treatment more complicated. One of the most commonly experienced barriers includes attending treatment sessions while

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What is a Drug Detox?

Detox, or detoxification, simply put is the process of toxins leaving the body. Detox is the starting point to begin the drug rehabilitation process. Going through this can be scary and uncomfortable, however there are a lot of programs and medications to help with the

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