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What Is Emotional Sobriety? | Just Believe Recovery

What Is Emotional Sobriety?

“Emotional sobriety” is a term in recovery described as the ability to face and deal with unhealthy emotions neglected during active addiction. These feelings may act as triggers for relapse, so managing them is vital for sustaining long-lasting sobriety. The Concept of Emotional Sobriety Emotional

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment | Just Believe Recovery Center

Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Vital for Recovery

When an individual suffers from addiction combined with a mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety, this is known as a dual diagnosis (also known as co-occurring or comorbid disorders). Dual diagnosis is widespread among those who engage in substance abuse, and treatment demands

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The New Way to Deal | Just Believe Recovery
Addiction News

The New Way to Deal

The rise of social media has brought new and instantaneous ways for drug dealers to reach a much wider audience and a younger age group. Pictures glamorizing drugs and alcohol are common and that is what our children and teens are seeing every day. There

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What is A Halfway House? | Just Believe Recovery
Healthy Living

What Is A Halfway House?

The textbook definition of a halfway house is: an institute for people with criminal backgrounds or abusive drug tendencies to reintegrate into society, learn necessary skills, and better support themselves. The halfway house acts as both a residence and treatment center for the residents. Psychiatric,

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12 Steps of AA | Just Believe Recovery Addiction Treatment

The 12 Steps of AA

Addiction is a complex brain disorder that impacts those who suffer physically, emotionally, and socially. It also has negative effects on loved ones around him or her. Recovery can be achieved by participating in substance abuse treatment programs and peer support groups that foster hope,

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EMDR Therapy for Addiction | Just Believe Recovery

Benefits of EMDR Therapy for Addiction

EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization Therapy, is a relatively new and non-traditional clinical practice in which a therapist helps a patient process trauma and mitigate adverse emotional responses to specific painful memories. During EMDR, a therapist will move an object or their fingers in a

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Long-Term Sobriety | Just Believe Recovery

Long-Term Sobriety

Getting clean and working towards long-term sobriety can be a difficult and long journey. So, we take it day by day and step by step. Breaking it down to day-by-day can help keep anyone looking for help from feeling overwhelmed. Getting clean is a process.

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How to Get off Adderall | Just Believe Recovery Center
Abused Substances

How to Get off Adderall

A doctor or addiction specialist should always be involved during Adderall withdrawal. Uncomfortable side effects can manifest in those who discontinue the drug’s use too abruptly. A physician can devise a tapering schedule for those who choose the weaning method, which will typically last for

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Trauma-Informed Care in Addiction Treatment | Just Believe Recovery

Trauma-Informed Care in Addiction Treatment

A trauma-informed approach to addiction treatment acknowledges the consequences of addiction as well as trauma. It uses this recognition as a way to facilitate the healing process from both issues. In doing so, it addresses the traumatic events that contributed to addiction, as well as

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Will I Get Fired If I Go to Treatment? | Just Believe Recovery

Will I Get Fired If I Go to Treatment?

This question is not a straight forward one to answer, but research shows that people who receive treatment for addiction are more likely to keep their jobs or find a better one. Many individuals avoid getting treatment for substance abuse because they are afraid that

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