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Addiction, Crime, and Solutions | Just Believe Recovery

Addiction, Crime, and Solutions

There is a relationship between addiction and crime. They feed into each other. It is much more than addicts and alcoholics stealing things to feed their addiction. These crimes cause much more harm to society than we think. These crimes are dangerous and, at times,

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Specialty Rehab Programs | Just Believe Recovery

Specialty Rehab Programs

In the last few decades, the amount of rehab options has grown exponentially. General rehab programs used to be the standard. Everyone looking to start down the road to recovery, regardless of their substance of choice, was made to attend the same meetings and groups.

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What Are The Stages Of Recovery | Just Believe Recovery

What Are The Stages Of Recovery?

Overcoming addiction is a challenging process. There are a lot of twists, turns, and bumps along the path to recovery. Recovery isn’t usually thought of as a journey, but viewing it in this way can help people understand what lies ahead. The stages of recovery

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Life After Rehab | Just Believe Recovery

Life After Rehab

You’ve successfully detoxed, and successfully rehabbed, but now what? Completing a rehab program successfully is no small feat, but what about life after rehab? Staying sober is a lifelong process. Which means having a long-term plan, and a long-term support group, is necessary to keep

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Is Rehab Right For Me? | Just Believe Recovery

Is Rehab Right For Me?

Is rehab right for me? That’s a question people ask themselves often. We get asked that question a lot as well. Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer. The answer will be different depending on your situation. There are several important factors that will affect

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Types Of Rehab | Just Believe Recovery

Types Of Rehab

What is rehab? The technical definition of rehab is an intensive, medically supervised program to deal with substance abuse. In addition, rehab gives patients the tools to live a healthy, sober lifestyle for the rest of their lives. The levels and types of addictions are

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The Practice of Radical Acceptance | Just Believe Recovery
Mental Health

The Practice of Radical Acceptance

One of the many options an individual has to deal with a problem is to practice a strategy known as “radical acceptance.” Radical acceptance, a key element in behavioral therapy, requires a person to accept life’s terms and not resist things that one cannot or

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Epidemic spelled with tile letters in a haphazard fashion with a syringe of fentanyl and an empty glass vial.
Pain Management

Every Action Has A Reaction

Epidemics and pandemics are raging and we are falling behind. We are making some decisions that make strides in the right direction. We have also made some decisions that have thrown us into a wild west territory. As the HIV/AIDS epidemics ravished the 80s and

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What Is Emotional Sobriety? | Just Believe Recovery

What Is Emotional Sobriety?

“Emotional sobriety” is a term in recovery described as the ability to face and deal with unhealthy emotions neglected during active addiction. These feelings may act as triggers for relapse, so managing them is vital for sustaining long-lasting sobriety. The Concept of Emotional Sobriety Emotional

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment | Just Believe Recovery Center

Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Vital for Recovery

When an individual suffers from addiction combined with a mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety, this is known as a dual diagnosis (also known as co-occurring or comorbid disorders). Dual diagnosis is widespread among those who engage in substance abuse, and treatment demands

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