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How to Get off Adderall | Just Believe Recovery Center
Abused Substances

How to Get off Adderall

A doctor or addiction specialist should always be involved during Adderall withdrawal. Uncomfortable side effects can manifest in those who discontinue the drug’s use too abruptly. A physician can devise a tapering schedule for those who choose the weaning method, which will typically last for

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Trauma-Informed Care in Addiction Treatment | Just Believe Recovery

Trauma-Informed Care in Addiction Treatment

A trauma-informed approach to addiction treatment acknowledges the consequences of addiction as well as trauma. It uses this recognition as a way to facilitate the healing process from both issues. In doing so, it addresses the traumatic events that contributed to addiction, as well as

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Will I Get Fired If I Go to Treatment? | Just Believe Recovery

Will I Get Fired If I Go to Treatment?

This question is not a straight forward one to answer, but research shows that people who receive treatment for addiction are more likely to keep their jobs or find a better one. Many individuals avoid getting treatment for substance abuse because they are afraid that

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I'm Afraid to Go to Rehab | Just Believe Recovery Center

I’m Afraid to Go to Rehab

For many active addicts, rehab can seem like a scary endeavor. Moreover, wanting to get clean and actually making the decision to do something about it can be extremely daunting, and this ambivalence is very common. The mind is being pulled in two different directions,

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What Is Pink Clouds Syndrome? | Just Believe Recovery

What Is Pink Clouds Syndrome?

“Pink clouds syndrome” is a phenomenon common among individuals in early recovery that is hallmarked by feelings of euphoria and confidence. After the successful completion of a rehab program, people are then able to return to their normal lives. However, they often find that they

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Risky Business | Just Believe Recovery

Risky Business

We all do things that we know we shouldn’t do. We sometimes do bad things without even noticing. It could be finishing a whole bag of chips and not noticing they’re gone until you reach for another. Doing bad things does not make you a

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What Is a Sober Companion? | Just Believe Recovery

What Is a Sober Companion?

A sober companion is an individual who helps those in recovery adjust back into life, and works to promote their sobriety by offering both emotional and physical support. Essentially, this person’s job is to prevent someone new to recovery from relapsing during this critical and

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What does a Rehab do?

A drug rehab, or rehabilitation, is a facility a person goes to when they are ready to take the first step into recovery. Rehabs are places that help people looking for a better, healthier life away from drugs or alcohol. From admissions to aftercare, there

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