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Just Believe Recovery believes in the ongoing support of those in recovery, and in providing public awareness and education! One important way we do this is through our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Blog, power-packed with news, ideas, and recovery help!

Mixing Prescriptions and Other Substances | Just Believe Recovery
Abused Substances

Mixing Prescriptions and Other Substances

Millions of Americans have been or are currently taking some form of a prescription drug. Prescriptions for high blood pressure, diabetes, pain, or anxiety or depression are far more common than ever before. What happens when high blood pressure medication is mixed with a drug

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Battling Depressants | Just Believe Recovery
Abused Substances

Battling Depressants

There are substances called depressants, but they have nothing to do with depression. Depressants are substances that slow the body and brain down to sometimes dangerous levels. They affect the cardiovascular system. There are different kinds of depressants and the different ways they can affect

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3 of the Most Dangerous Drugs | Just Believe Recovery
Abused Substances

3 of the Most Dangerous Drugs

What all drugs have in common is that they are dangerous. Some may be more dangerous, addictive, and deadly than others. Throughout the years, there have been phases of what the most ‘popular’ drug was at the time. There have been epidemics caused by certain

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How Does Addiction Affect Women? | Just Believe Recovery
Abused Substances

How Does Addiction Affect Women?

There are different factors that leave some more susceptible to addiction than others. Gender can be one of them. This is for the women out there, clean or still using. An addiction progressing differently for everyone. It can be an extremely lonely journey. Addiction can

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What Is an Opioid | Just Believe Recovery
Prescription Drug Addiction

What Is an Opioid?

What is an opioid you ask? Opioids are drugs, both natural and synthetic, derived from the opium poppy, or Papaver somniferum. They are dangerous if they are taken without the supervision of a health professional. All opioids are either controlled substances or are illegal in

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