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Risks of Combining NyQuil and Alcohol | Just Believe Recovery
Abused Substances

Risks of Combining NyQuil and Alcohol

Most cough and cold medications are over-the-counter (OTC) drugs intended to treat cold symptoms, such as NyQuil. However, some people—particularly teenagers—use these medicines to achieve a high. This can be risky enough on its own, but combining NyQuil with other substances, including alcohol, can be

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What Is Sherm Abuse? | Just Believe Recovery
Abused Substances

What Is Sherm Abuse?

Sherm (a shermstick) is a term drug users have coined that refers to marijuana or tobacco cigarettes dipped in embalming fluid, PCP, or both. The name was given to these cigarettes because they look like brown paper Nat Sherman cigarettes. It first became popular in

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Polysubstance Abuse and Dependence | Just Believe Recovery
Abused Substances

Polysubstance Abuse and Dependence

A person who engages in polysubstance abuse consumes multiple psychoactive substances but may not prefer one over any other. People diagnosed with this disorder are actively abusing two or more substances, and often one of these is alcohol. Regarding illicit drugs, cocaine and heroin are

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