Mental Health

Understanding Our Immune System and Drinking Behaviors

For the users and abusers, slowing down on any questionable drinking behaviors is the best remedy for reattaining sound mind and body. However, for the alcoholic, dropping it altogether is how we recover.

Recovery From Heroin Abuse

We are not authors but merely editors in the thick book we choose to call life. As it opens up and unravels it’s series of uncertainty, so much positive and negative experience envelops chapter after chapter. Attempting to guide our souls through the articulation of experiences depends highly on our interaction with the external forces …

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Anonymous Programs for All Types of Alcoholic Thinking

“Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance”, William Clement Stone penned in one of his arguably famous self help books. In relay of this sentiment, the truth is reality. Yet the question that remains is if our actuality is ever parallel to reality? Think about it, it’s really more …

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Being Addicted to Fentanyl in 2019

As I’m sure some of you know, when examining a few of the more uncomfortable moments that propel into our lives, there are a few that really come to mind. Getting sand in your ice cream is one. It adds a rather unpleasant crunch. The granules also get stuck in your teeth and it leaves …

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Early Recovery Coping Strategies

Living in a world with so much uncertainty, all the differing creatures of this planet must pick and choose their battles wisely. How we prioritize what’s important to us is individualized but it all stems from hope of some sort. Hope is what drives the introverted caterpillar to transform out its cocoon. It’s what excitedly …

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Keeping Your Job: Medical Leave for Treatment

Gazing into your crystal ball of the future, none of us will ever be able to truly foresee 100% accurately. Life just kind of happens like “that” sometimes. What we predict to be up will end up being down. Left is right and right is wrong. We’ll create these hopes, dreams, ambitions, intentions, determinations and …

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ADHD doctor speaking to a woman

Addiction and Abusing ADD/ADHD Medication

Do you ever find yourself here but you’re not really there? Or rather you’re here, there, and everywhere while you still haven’t gone anywhere. The mind is infatuated with curiosity. Down the rabbit hole we go, everything getting more and more curious. Really though its human nature to wander or to wonder as we feel …

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The Fear of Getting Sober

Those of us who are familiar with the rotten dismantling of alcoholic thinking know quite well the frightening places this disease can take us. Addiction is a demon that may sleep for a little bit, but never completely departs from our sides. As we scuffle thru life smelling the roses here and there, addiction is …

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The Role of Guilt in Addiction

None of us are able to predict the future and where exactly we are going. Our blueprints are often unfinished rough drafts implemented from thought to action prematurely. Due to this imaginative impulsivity, we create hopes, dreams, and aspirations full of ambition with only a small percentage of these best laid plans coming to fruition. …

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