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Can I Mix Alcohol and Antibiotics? | Just Believe Recovery
Alcohol Addiction

Can I Mix Alcohol and Antibiotics?

Antibiotics are prescription medications designed to impair or destroy bacteria growth. They are prescribed to fight related infections and work by stopping bacteria from reproducing or destroying that which exists. Antibiotics are sometimes needed because foreign bacteria tend to attack excessively, making it challenging for

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Effects of Using Ibuprofen With Alcohol | Just Believe Recovery

Effects of Using Ibuprofen With Alcohol

Effects of Using Ibuprofen With Alcohol: Ibuprofen, often used for headaches and pain relief, is used as a popular cure for hangovers. Along with alcohol, these two substances are generally seen as harmless and people rarely consider the dangers of combining them. Pharmacies all over

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Red-white Capsule Pills On White Table | Just Believe Recovery

The Friend You Thought You Had

Tylenol and other pain-relieving OTC, over-the-counter, medications contain an analgesic called acetaminophen. It was a major medical breakthrough when it was discovered in 1878. It was not used for pain relief until the 1950s. Since then, drugs like Tylenol and Excedrin have been the go

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How Long Does Nyquil Last? | Just Believe Recovery

How Long Does NyQuil Last?

We’ve all had a cold so bad we need Nyquil. It’s something that everyone keeps available in their medicine cabinet. But few know much about it other than it alleviates cold and flu symptoms. How long does Nyquil typically last? Well, the short answer is

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