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Heroin Medical Detox Center Now Available Near Alachua County

Heroin Medical Detox Now Available Near Alachua County, FL Heroin use and addiction is the greatest its ever been in Alachua County, and nationwide. According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, in 2014, there were more than 10,500 heroin-related overdose fatalities. Also, 80% of new heroin addicts say they

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Mental Health, Addiction, and Suicide

MENTAL HEALTH, ADDICTION & SUICIDE Mental health and substance abuse are highly interrelated conditions. When they manifest together in the same patient,  they can create a much higher risk for suicide. Almost half of all Americans who struggle with a serious mental illness also meet the criteria for addiction. 1/3 of people

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Three Stages of Medical Detox

Stages of Medical Detox Successful rehab begins with medical detox. Recovery isn’t possible until your body has been cleansed of the chemicals that have caused your addiction.  Detox isn’t easy but it’s the stepping stone to reclaiming your life from drug or alcohol addiction.

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