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Will My Health Insurance Cover My South Florida Rehab?

Will My Health Insurance Cover My Addiction Rehab? Living to party in life is like attending a carnival. Its an unpredictable roller coaster ride that loves to toss the individual around from side to side of the cart. It spins, makes a few loops, and

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If I Go To A 30-Day Rehab, Will My Family Know?

Making that extremely important decision to check into rehab to begin recovery from addiction is major and requires great inner strength. It requires a certain level of consciousness and a deep desire for positive change. It means you have accepted addiction is a problem and

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What Are The Advantages Of Going To A Residential Treatment Center?

When it comes to treatment for drug and alcohol addiction or substance abuse, there are various options to choose from. They include intensive outpatient, partial-hospitalization or day treatment, and residential programs. Some patients may opt for individualized counselling or group therapy. Choices are often based

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I Want To Quit Drinking, But I Don’t Want To Go To Detox

Many people want to quit drinking without utilizing a dedicated detox program. It is important to note that when you stop drinking, your body will go through many unpleasant detox and withdrawal symptoms whether or not you participate in a program. This is particularly true

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Tips for Finding the Best Rehab Center with Detox Included

Many addiction treatment centers that have detox included are opening across the country in light of increased awareness of addiction. Great variety exists when it comes to rehab/detox centers. You must choose between private or state-funded, Florida Model or more traditional, holistic or no frills,

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Becoming Addicted To Vicodin That Is Prescribed Legally

Often times, when a doctor prescribes Vicodin, they believe the benefits outweigh the risk to their patient. They were likely right at the time. No doctor can tell beforehand if you will become addicted or struggle with addiction. You could not tell either, but that

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