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Can You Be Turned Away from Alcohol Rehab Centers in Florida?

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There are a number of outstanding alcohol rehab centers in Florida. Florida has a pleasant year-round climate that is enticing to those seeking recovery. If you feel you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, asking for help is the first step towards recovery. Rehab centers specialize in providing you with a solid foundation for recovery.

Taking advantage of a Florida treatment center program may be one of your options. However, there are a few reasons that you can be turned away from alcohol rehab centers in Florida. While they are very limited, here are a few reasons for the denial and what you can do if you are turned away.

Space Availability

The most common reason that someone who is suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction is turned away from a Florida treatment facility is the overwhelming demand for space. While this situation isn’t final, it can create a delay in starting your road to recovery.

When you are seeking residential treatment, but all the beds at the facility are taken, you can be temporarily turned away. Be certain, honest, and open with the facility when you first inquire about treatment. They are there to help you, not send you out alone to fend for yourself.

Insurance Coverage

The lack of insurance doesn’t mean you will not be permitted to seek treatment. However, treatment does cost money, and most treatment facilities will require some assurance that you can pay for the programs they offer.

One thing that can happen is that your insurance refuses to pay all or part of the cost of treatment. In these situations, your chosen treatment center may ask you to consider alternative payment options.

You won’t be denied without an explanation, and invariably treatment counselors will present you with alternative options to help you find your way into a recovery program. However, denial by an insurance company can be a reason you’re turned away from a treatment center.

Refuse Assessment Evaluations

Once you take the first step to ask for help, you will sit down with a professional counselor to assess your level of alcoholism or drug addiction. During this phase in your recovery, it is imperative that you are brutally honest.

The things you disclose during any drug or alcohol assessment are strictly confidential. They cannot be used against you in court, and can only be opened if there is a threat of you harming yourself or others.

Court Restrictions

If you have been ordered into treatment as a result of a court ruling, you must abide by the stipulations of that order. There are situations where the court will not allow you to leave the state. When this type of restriction is part of your court-order arrangement, you can be turned away from a treatment facility outside of your state.

Alcohol treatment facilities in Florida have no choice but turn you away if this situation exists. You can request a modification to the order. However, until that happens, you will be restricted in your treatment center options.

Previous Dismissals

Getting asked to leave a treatment facility is one way to build a wall that inhibits your chances of successful recovery. There is a level of confidentiality involved in all levels of alcohol treatment, so if one center kicks you out, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t gain access to others.

However, the best rule of thumb is to follow the rules. Here are some violations that could get you kicked out of treatment and ultimately denied future requests.

  • Fraternization – This is one clear-cut way to get kicked out of a treatment facility once you’re in. It is also a way to ink a black mark your record going forward. Alcohol and drug addiction can be in life-threatening situations.

To become embroiled in a relationship not only compromises your own chances of recovery but the other person as well. Fraternizing during treatment is a common rule and violating that rule can cause you to be turned away in the future.

However, a facility that has asked you to leave for breaking the rules of in-house relationships may well turn you away in the future. A simple solution to this problem is to follow the rules once you begin your treatment journey.

  • Violation of Facility Rules – There are going to be a few guidelines at a treatment facility. Some centers restrict or ban phone usage all-together. You will probably have curfews and other time restrictions. These are not designed to punish you, but to help you establish a foundation for recovery.

There are violations that may earn you a warning initially, but repeated violations can get you kicked out of the facility. Repeated incidents can cause a treatment center to deny you future access to their programs. A simple solution is to follow the rules. They are there to help you recover.

The only reasons you can be turned away from an alcohol rehab center in Florida are usually very specific. When there is no evident way to pay for your treatment, or a court restricts where you can go, these can be reasons for the denial.

The fact is, if you want treatment and have the capacity to pay for your program, there are Florida treatment centers available. Nothing happens until you make that first commitment. If you think you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, make that first call today. Waiting until tomorrow may produce tragic consequences. Call one of our counselors at 888-380-0667.

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