Can I Go to Drug Rehab if My Dad has TRICARE Insurance?

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Are you addicted to drugs, alcohol or maybe both? Perhaps you have a family member who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Recovering from addiction is only possible with the help of professional counselors and therapists. These professionals understand the nature of addiction and know how to treat it in an effective, long-term way. Maybe you or your loved one is ready to go in for addiction treatment, but you wonder whether you are covered under Tricare insurance. Look at some information about Tricare and its coverage.

Can I Go to Drug Rehab if My Dad has TRICARE Insurance?

If your dad has TRICARE insurance, it means that his dependents are covered as well. This includes substance abuse treatment. As long as the treatment for substance abuse is necessary medically or psychologically, then it’s covered. To make sure you qualify under your dad’s specific policy, call the insurance company and talk with a representative. Or, you can call the drug rehab facility you want to go to and ask for help from a counselor. They are sure to have knowledge of TRICARE, its policies and coverage. It’s best to settle this question so you can move on to the most important work of recovering from addiction and starting a new life.

Making the Decision to Go to Rehab

Once the decision is made to go to rehab, it’s best for you to go right away. Waiting around and debating whether to go only delays your recovery. Plus, you’re likely to become stressed out while trying to decide whether to go or not. Feeling stressed out often leads to drug or alcohol use. You don’t want to put yourself or anyone else in danger for any longer. Time spent delaying the phone call to the drug rehab center gives you the opportunity for you to talk yourself out of going. Sometimes families have interventions for loved ones who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. This can be helpful in getting the person into drug rehab so positive changes can begin to take place. Getting the process started and moving forward in a productive way is a much better choice than waiting.

What to Take to the Drug Rehab Facility

In order to achieve your goal of checking into drug rehab as soon as possible, you have to quickly gather the items you need. Besides your insurance card, you need to take along identification such as a driver’s license. This gives the facility your personal identification as well as a photo. The names of your primary physician and family members are also helpful to take along. Other items to pack include: toiletries, a debit card and any medications you take. Be sure to leave them in their original containers. Comfortable clothing is best for your stay in drug rehab. You will go through detox, then attend therapies and meetings. It makes sense to dress in clothes that are easy to move around in, so you can concentrate on following the steps involved in your treatment. As you can see, the items you take are necessary for day-to-day life. You are in drug rehab to focus on healing and recovery from addiction, so there is no need for a lot of extra items.

What Do I Look for in a Drug Rehab Facility?

The standout feature of any reputable drug rehab facility is a staff of qualified counselors and therapists. They know how to treat addiction and understand the necessity of individualized treatment. This means you work through a treatment program that addresses your specific challenges. For instance, your individualized treatment program may include a dual-diagnosis. After being evaluated by counselors and therapists, you may be diagnosed with a mental condition such as bi-polar disorder. If so, your bi-polar disorder would be treated alongside your addiction. It’s very likely that your bi-polar disorder contributed to your addictive behavior. So, addressing one without addressing the other would be counterproductive. Depression and anxiety are other mental conditions included in a dual-diagnosis.

Your treatment may involve individual therapy, group therapy or a combination of the two. Also, family therapy may play a part in your treatment plan. This is when family members join the therapy session to help you work out various issues. The staff at a reputable drug rehab facility understands that recovery from addiction is not a one-size-fits-all process. Multiple options for therapy give you more ways to work out your issues and get to the root of your addiction.

A reputable drug rehab facility provides you with a safe, supportive environment for your recovery. This means you are encouraged to be honest during therapy, so you can get the most value out of each session. Plus, when you’re honest, you aren’t judged by others for the choices you’ve made in the past. Having the support of those who are in rehab with you is essential because you can learn from their successes along the way. Everyone at the facility is working toward the same goal of gaining a new life without addiction. So, someone who is further down the road to recovery will be able to offer guidance that can help you progress in your journey. Furthermore, you may be able to help another person who is just starting down the path to recovery.

Other features to look for in a drug rehab facility:

  • Multiple forms of aftercare services
  • A selection of nutritious foods served each day
  • Availability of exercise equipment and classes
  • A variety of treatment programs to meet your unique needs.

Lastly, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you to a better life without drugs or alcohol. We can give you the support and encouragement you need to break the cycle and live the life you deserve. Our counselors are available to speak to you 24 hours a day. Contact us today at 888-380-0667 and take the first step toward full recovery.

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