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Can I Go to Another Rehabilitation Center in Florida if I Didn’t Like the First One I Tried?

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As the one who has to endure your addiction, it’s your responsibility to seek help. We understand that addiction is an illness, something you may not any longer have any control over. What you can control is looking seriously at what drugs/alcohol is doing to your life. If you have finally reached the point where you want to get back to living right, it’s then your responsibility to ask for help.

Recognizing you have an addiction and then asking for help is but the initial steps you’ll need to take on the road to recovery. You can also expect to encounter other challenges along the way. You must remember this. The decisions you do make are going to have a profound effect on the extent of your recovery. If you decide to give less than 100% focus and effort, you can assume you will eventually fall short of your recovery goals, ending in relapse or two.

We cannot stress enough how bold you have to be if you want to arrest your addiction. The addiction is not going away. At best, you can hope to leave it dormant for the entirety of your life. We don’t share this reality with you in order to frighten you. Instead, we want you to approach treatment with all the diligence you can summon.

At this point, we want to broach a subject that not many rehab facilities like to discuss. What happens if you don’t feel you are getting what you need from the first rehab you attend? Let’s discuss that.

Can I Go to Another Rehabilitation Center in Florida if I Didn’t Like the First One I Tried?

This is your life. The fact you have an addiction doesn’t override your right to get the help you want/need. The title question is a very important question. No rehab enjoys the prospect of losing a client to another rehab facility. That’s especially true if the original rehab feels they may have erred, effectively driving the client.

None of that matters. All that matters is your ability to focus and commit to the entire treatment process. If you can’t do that in one facility, you owe it to yourself to try another option. The answer to the title question is an absolute yes. If you are not getting what you want or need in one Florida rehab, you have a right to make a change. You might ask for a little advice, but you don’t need to ask permission.

There is one caveat. You want to make sure you want to try another rehab for all the right reasons. It shouldn’t be a matter of you trying to escape to something a little easier. The truth is recovery takes lots of hard work. If you are honestly doing the hard work but not happy with the results, it’s at that time a change might be in order.

For the sake of argument, here are three solid reasons why a change might be in order:

  • Your current rehab doesn’t have the treatment option or options you might need
  • You encounter personality conflicts with staff or other clients
  • Your personal circumstances mandate a change

Pursuit of Better Treatment Options

Not all rehab facilities offer a complete menu of treatment options. If you realize you aren’t connecting with traditional forms of treatment and that’s all you original rehab has to offer, you might benefit by relocating to a rehab that offers a wider range of treatment options.

Personality Conflicts

No matter how much effort you make, it’s entirely possible you will encounter a person or people with whom you have issues. Maybe you can’t connect with the staff or maybe there’s conflicts with other clients. If these types of conflicts are unavoidable, you might be well-served to find a more comfortable environment for treatment.

Change in Personal Circumstances

Life doesn’t stop because you enter rehab. There are still things going on in your life on the outside. If you need to move closer to home, need more access to family or have potential financial issues that demand you make a change, please do so. However, you’ll want to make sure the change is absolutely necessary.

Rehab is not prison. At all times, you are entitled to the level and kind of treatment you want. If you are considering another Florida rehab option, might we be of service? If you call us at 888-380-0667, we can discuss your current situation and the possibility of a change.

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