Can I Go to a Florida Drug Rehabilitation Center and Still Keep Up With College?

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It may seem impossible to keep up with the demands of college while going to a Florida drug rehabilitation center, but it can be done. The wrong choice is to consider skipping rehabilitation to finish college because that is not wise. It is possible to juggle rehabilitation and college as long as you prepare.

What does preparation entail? You have to work hard to stick to a specific schedule that could help along the way. It also means recognizing obstacles so you can overcome them.

Understand the Risks

There is no way to avoid the risks involved with taking college classes and going through a rehabilitation program. The following are some common risks linked to being a student:

  • Drug-related triggers
  • Less time to focus on rehabilitation
  • Stress can be increased
  • Feelings of grandiosity

It is common knowledge that some college students experiment with different substances. The number of students who do this could make it hard for a person going through rehabilitation to keep their eyes on the prize. The solution is to simply do your best to stay away from individuals who use these kinds of substances.

Another thing you can work on is reducing stress by trying meditation or getting a massage from time to time. You should also make sure you do not become arrogant. You should always be proud of your accomplishments and how far you’ve come, but remember it’s easy to fall when you think too highly of yourself, so try to remain humble.

Improve the Chances of Success

Combining both tasks may be difficult, but it is not impossible; you can do the following to improve your chances of being successful:

  • Find a support group
  • Get a good sponsor
  • Create a network of helpers
  • Find a rehab near your Florida college
  • Take a few online classes
  • Consider starting a new hobby

Try to make friends, and make sure you can trust these individuals to steer you away from triggers. Be sure to communicate with your sponsor, and let him or her know how much you are taking on at this time. Finding a support group near the college is a good idea because you may find other classmates who can lend a helping hand.

Consider taking more online classes to reduce the chances of being exposed to a trigger. The good thing is most Florida colleges offer this option now, but check to see if the classes you need are available online. Hobbies could be helpful, especially if they can de-stress you, such as yoga or other similar hobbies. They should help you clear your mind and stay focused on the goal.

Last Resort

You may think colleges are not sympathetic to what students are going through, but that is not the case. Several colleges in Florida allow students who are struggling with a medical issue to leave. Most of the time, colleges consider rehabilitation a valid reason to be excused from your classes for a specified amount of time.

Be sure that you check with your college to see how long you are allowed to leave and any other specific requirements you must fulfill in order to leave without the absence affecting your college career. Find out if you can drop out of all classes or some if you need to check yourself into a rehabilitation program. This may not be what you want, but it definitely is a good idea to have this option, just in case you need it.

As you can see, there is a way you can continue your college education and even earn your degree as you work on your rehabilitation. There is no doubt that this is going to be a challenge, but it is a challenge you can meet. You have a lot of resources and support groups that can help you along the way. Hopefully, you also have a supportive family, and you also have people like our experienced counselors. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day, and they are only a call away at 888-380-0667.

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