Can I Find a Rehab Center in Florida to Treat Both Drug and Gambling Addiction?

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With more people being involved in gambling across the world, gambling has become a social problem that is as severe as substance addiction. Research has shown that addiction to gambling could have similar effects on people as substance addiction, and many people in Florida have found themselves affected and in need of professional addiction treatment services.

Similarities between Gambling Addiction and Substance Addiction

Here are the similarities between drug addiction and gambling addiction:

  • Both are recognized as a form of addiction by the American Psychiatric Association. Substance addiction was recognized by the American Psychiatric Association many decades ago while gambling was recognized as a type of addiction in 2013.
  • Gambling and substance addiction can lead to financial problems. A substance addict will spend most of his or her finances buying drugs while a gambling addict spends most of his or her funds staking and betting.
  • Psychiatrists argue that gambling addiction is like drug addiction because it can lead to psycho-social disorders such as impulse control disorder. If gambling is not controlled, it could even lead to mental disorders due to the stress that would emanate from financial losses.

Characteristics of Gambling Addiction

Some of the symptoms of gambling addiction are:

  • You are always preoccupied with gambling: The first characteristic of a gambling disorder is when you neglect your responsibilities in favor of betting. Many people who are addicted to gambling tend to spend most of their time on betting sites and shops.
  • Lack of self-control when it comes to gambling activities: If you find it challenging to quit gambling, it could be a sign that you are addicted to gambling. A gambling addict needs professional help to enable him or her to stop gambling, and many rehab facilities in Florida offer gambling rehabilitation services.
  • If you are diverting huge amounts of money to gambling: If you find yourself redirecting finances allocated to specific commitments to gambling and betting, it could be a sign that you are an addict.
  • Are you engaging in crime to raise finances to stake: Many gambling addicts resort to unlawful ways to get money for gambling. If you find yourself resorting to lies and crime as a way of getting money for gambling, you could be having a gambling disorder.
  • Having a notion that you can gamble to achieve financial freedom: Gambling is a leisure activity; if you have a notion that you could gamble your way to financial freedom, then you could have developed an addiction.

Characteristics of Drug Addiction

Some of the common signs of substance addiction are:

  • Frequent drug cravings: If you feel that you need to use the drug more often than you are used to, it could be a sign that you have developed substance addiction.
  • Your drug use is interfering with your daily routine: Drug addicts are often more concerned about using the substance than anything else in their life. As such, they can alter their daily routine to create time for drug use.
  • If it interferes with your social life: Drug addicts often become less concerned about their social life, something that could break families or friendships. If your drug use is causing social problems between you and those close to you, you might be becoming drug dependent.
  • Diverting more money into buying substances: If you realize that most of your financial resources are being diverted towards buying drugs, it could be a sign of drug dependence.
  • Finding it difficult to quit: People who have developed drug addiction find it difficult to stop using it and often need professional rehabilitation services to stop using the drug.
  • Taking extra amounts of the substance to achieve the same effect: Many addicts won’t achieve the same stimulation from a specific portion of the drug like the used to before the addiction. As a result, they will need to increase the amount to achieve the same effect.

Factors to consider when looking for a Drug and Gambling Rehabilitation Center

Here is what you need to do if you are looking for a rehabilitation facility for your drug or gambling addiction:

  • Ask for referrals: If you want to be admitted to the best rehabilitation center in Florida, it is essential that you ask for recommendations from your doctor, friends, or family members.
  • Look at the online reviews of the facility: Go through the online reviews of each addiction treatment facility and pick the one with the most positive reviews. Positive reviews are an indication that it offers high-quality services.
  • Location: The substance or gambling rehabilitation facility that you pick should be located conveniently to allow you to undertake your daily routine as well as take part in any outpatient addiction treatment plan.

Although the cost is also a vital consideration when shopping for an addiction treatment center, it is imperative to avoid going for the least costly since the services could be of poor quality. Cost should guide you alongside other factors to determine if the facility is ideal for you. Are you ready to start your rehabilitation? If you are, call us today at 888-380-0667.

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