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Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder where individuals experience extreme mood swings. The mood swings range from extreme lows to extreme highs – depression to mania. This is a lifelong disorder that requires lifelong treatment.

Our Bipolar Treatment Center Treats All Forms of Bipolar Disorder

There are different forms of bipolar disorder. Our in-house psychiatrist will do an array of evaluations to determine which form of bipolar the patient has. Types of bipolar disorders include:

Bipolar I Disorder

This form is considered the most severe where individuals will experience manic and depressed episodes. Sometimes a mixture of both is present.

Bipolar II Disorder

The primary difference between this form and Bipolar I Disorder is that mania isn’t present, and never has been in the past. The individual may experience major depression and a mild form of mania, also known as hypomania.

Cyclothymia bipolar treatment

This is considered a mild form of bipolar disorder where individuals will experience hypomania and mild depression. They may experience highs and lows, but not as extreme as the other forms of bipolar disorder. This can often lead into another form of bipolar disorder, so monitoring and treatment is still recommended.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment Approach

Since bipolar disorder is a lifelong illness, on-going treatment is recommended. When an individual is experiencing severe depression and/or manic symptoms, inpatient bipolar treatment is ideal. We specialize in providing inpatient treatment for those experiencing those symptoms. Patients will have a dedicated psychiatrist who will collect family history, mood history, and a full evaluation immediately to diagnose the form of bipolar disorder they have. The psychiatrist will recommend the best treatment methods based off the form and any other factors that are accompanying the disorder such as substance abuse.

Different treatment methods are often effective for those struggling with bipolar disorder and substance abuse including forms of psychotherapy and medication management. Along with a psychiatrist, each patient will also have a psychologist who directs the therapies and behavioral monitoring. The psychiatrist is primarily responsible for diagnosis and effective medication management, along with ongoing consultation and mood monitoring. Both practitioners will work together on providing the best treatment plan that is tailored to each individual.

Forms of psychotherapy we utilize include:

Bipolar Disorder and Addiction Treatment

Those who have bipolar disorder have a higher risk of developing a substance abuse problem. When both addiction and bipolar disorder are diagnosed, it also known as dual diagnosis. Integrated treatment is provided for those individuals. Our psychiatrist, psychologist, and addiction counselors will work together to encompass treating addiction as well as the mood disorder in one facility. Treatment is most effective when all factors are being treated simultaneously which is our specialty here at Just Believe Recovery. Each chosen therapeutic method will focus on each patient’s primary needs for total recovery.

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