The Importance of Professional Help in Recovering from Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol withdrawal can begin within hours of ending a drinking session. However, not everyone will experience withdrawal symptoms in the same way — some people will experience less severe symptoms than others, for example. You are more likely to go through severe withdrawal if you:

  • Drink heavily
  • Have been drinking for a long period of time
  • Have previously had withdrawals
  • Have other health conditions

The amount of time that it takes for alcohol to completely leave your bloodstream depends on multiple factors, including age, gender, health, genetic makeup and history of alcohol use. According to the National Library of Medicine, alcohol withdrawal typically begins within eight hours after the last drink, but it can also take a few days to begin in some cases. The symptoms usually peak within 24 to 72 hours, but some can continue for several weeks.  Alcohol detection tests can still detect alcohol in your urine, saliva and hair after it has been completely eliminated from your bloodstream.

If you or someone you love is experiencing withdrawal symptoms or attempting to self-detox, it’s important to reach out and get medical attention from an alcohol rehab in Arkansas. If severe symptoms like delirium tremens are present, death can become a very likely outcome.

The safest way to address alcohol abuse and begin detox is to consult with a medical professional or seek professional treatment. When speaking with your medical professional about how to detox from alcohol, they will tell you it’s the first step of a comprehensive rehab program. If you are facing withdrawal symptoms, you should address the root of the problem by getting professional help and undergoing treatment after detox.

Sobriety can be a hard path to begin, but The Recovery Village can help you find your way to a healthier, alcohol-free future. Contact us today to learn more about alcohol addiction treatment programs that can work well for your needs.