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Are There Rehab Centers In Florida That Specialize In LGBT Clients?

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The LGBT community faces unique challenges when members encounter substance abuse problems. Not only is it an uphill battle fighting addiction, but you have to wonder if the treatment center you select is going to be sensitive to the person you are and help you tackle the unique challenges you face as a member of the LGBT community. The great news is that there are treatment centers in Florida that specialize in LGBT client’s uphill battles and specific issues that arise from insensitivity to LGBT community members in some areas. The face of addiction doesn’t look much different when it’s worn by an LGBT client. The same tolerance to alcohol or drugs will occur, the same social traumas and the same despair will set in for anyone who runs from a drug or alcohol problem.

Anyone who becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol will also experience the physical symptoms that cause so much distress when trying to get sober. These withdrawal symptoms are often so severe that people choose to continue using instead of getting help. This tragic decision ends many lives, some losing their lives as they once knew and loved it, and some literally losing their life to substance abuse. This never has to happen.

Hope For LGBT Sufferers

Drug and alcohol addiction is very accurately described as a condition of suffering. People suffer when they go through the physical symptoms of addiction. They might experience withdrawal when they run out of money and their body continues to crave the drug. Over time, they will begin to lose everything in life: sanity, housing, sustenance, and hope. Parents who have never experienced addiction will be baffled at how an adult child who seems to be doing so good one minute will then turn around and use again just when things become stable. That’s the ugly face of addiction raising its claws again, and it’s frustrating to watch someone you love fall prey to the lie that addiction tells the sufferer.

Why Find LGBT-Sensitive Treatment Centers?

LGBT people need to be treated equally and not singled out for having something wrong with them. When they go into treatment, there may be co-existing disorders that need to be addressed, just like with anyone else, but it’s equality here that matters so much. The treatment center that specializes in LGBT clients aren’t just “okay” with LGBT members, but they’re highly trained to address the issues that are common in this community. It’s vital for LGBT substance abuse sufferers to find a treatment center that meshes well with their personality and outlook on life. For some LGBT community members, they will look for a specific set of qualities in a treatment center:

  • The treatment center must have a medical-based detox at first
  • The treatment center must offer counseling on LGBT issues that are important to them
  • The group meetings must be accepting of LGBT people

If you find this type of treatment center, and you’re a member of the LGBT community, you’ve struck gold. If you know a loved one who is LGBT, then it’s time to encourage them to look for their tribe. It’s that tribe that may spare them years or even decades of lost happiness.

It’s Time To Get Help

LGBT sufferers will sometimes have less support from family and need to form a solid support system. Treatment centers make this environment possible. When an LGBT sufferer enters treatment for the first time, they’ll often meet people just like them who might have the same experiences both as an LGBT person and a substance abuse user. The great thing about a treatment center focused on LGBT issues is that much of the substance abuse may have reared its ugly head because substances like drugs or alcohol seem to offer a quick solution to the pain and confusion some LGBT members go through. Great treatment centers address these issues.

If you have a loved one who is a member of the LGBT community and who is suffering from a substance abuse problem, or if you’re suffering from a substance abuse problem yourself, call us today at 888-380-0667. You’ve found the compassionate, professional care that you’ve been searching for, and we look forward to welcoming you into recovery with a big smile and lots of encouragement. No matter where you are on the road to addiction, we’re going to help you get turned around and back to recovery.

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