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Are There Inpatient Drug Rehabs in Florida for People Under 18?

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No matter what age an addict is, drugs can impact life negatively. Finding help as soon as possible will help them gain a better future. Otherwise, the addiction will take control and offer them little hope. But, since most centers focus on the treatment of adults, it leaves you wondering if there are any inpatient drug rehabs in Florida for people under 18.

It may surprise you to hear that there are centers out there, in Florida, that will help treat teens under the age of 18. Some programs will differ slightly for teen addicts than adults, but they still use the same techniques to help the individual beat their addiction. Some teen anxieties that come into play when personalizing their rehab program are:

  • Obesity
  • Anger management
  • Relationship skills

The differences between adult and teen inpatient drug rehab in Florida

Teens are considered underage and will need things handled differently. Outpatient plans are used more often to promote prevention techniques with their families. But, sometimes something more is necessary. If it’s determined that their behavior will be risky when dealing with drug withdrawals or if it’s felt the families aren’t able to handle a more thorough treatment than an inpatient program will be needed.

Sometimes, the reasons for drug use differ from adults. When those over the age of 18 seek help, it’s after they’ve used drugs for dealing with the responsibilities of being an adult. Things like money issues and relationship problems cause them to seek relief in drug use. Teens enter drug addiction from peer pressure and relief from the nagging feeling of not fitting in with their friends and fellow students. Treatment, especially mental health portions, will differ as specialists need to target different areas in teens than adults.

What to expect in drug rehab for teens under the age of 18

You may see more peer group therapy than individual sessions. Teens relate more to other people in their age group. Finding out that they’re not the only one dealing with a drug problem like theirs, is a huge step for them. Suddenly, they don’t feel as alone as they once did. Forging friendships with others in the group often happens, and they can become accountability partners to help each other overcome the addictions they came to the center with. Also, they have someone to turn to when times get tough. A listening ear by someone who’s been in their shoes can help them when nothing else seems to.

Once the inpatient part ends, the outpatient program begins. Getting over a drug addiction is tough for people of any age. Addicted teens aren’t considered as severe as adults usually are, but they still need help to transition to their regular life activities. Outpatient plans are necessary to help them put, what they’ve learned at the center, into action in the real world. This means they will attend counseling at the center at periodic times after they’ve left the program. The sessions may change, however, depending on what’s needed for each individual.

How families are utilized in drug rehab programs for those under 18

Kick-starting the treatment starts with the rehab center, but the key to keeping drugs out of their life will lie with the families of the drug-addicted teen. Families will need to attend therapy sessions with the teen to help work through whatever issues they may have that got them to this point. Parents and siblings will be kept informed of the progress the teen is making in the program.

Families will also need to learn, along with their teen, preventive measures to keep drugs from taking control again. Often, that means altering the lifestyle of the whole family, not just the teen. Eliminating access to drugs is not the only way to handle their drug prevention, though. Learning how to respond and deal with some of their behaviors is another key aspect of the treatment plan. The program will teach you coping and listening skills because those will be important when the teen returns to the home environment.

Since drug addictions affect teens as well as adults, more centers are providing help for those under the age of 18. The treatment programs will differ slightly, but the expected outcome is the same-a life free of addiction. Rehab centers personalize programs with the typical teen anxieties in mind in order to pull together the best rehab plans for them to overcome their problems. Now, that we’ve covered what to expect for the teens and families and what the differences are from addicted adults, you can start researching centers for your child. Call us at 888-380-0667, and we’ll help answer any questions you may have about this kind of rehab.

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