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Anger, Frustration, and Fear

Anger, Frustration, and Fear | Just Believe Recovery Center
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Feelings of fear and frustration lead people to do things they thought they would not normally do. Acting out in anger can put you in positions you never wanted to be in. Negative emotions feed collective negativity. We cannot let these negative emotions take over and drive us to do things we would never or should not do.

Handling Negative Emotions

We all have had situations in our lives where anger, frustration, or fear are our first responses. A lot of the time fear leads to anger and frustration. At the core, both fear and anger are rooted in feelings of control- or the loss of it. The feeling of loss of control can be devastating, leading us into an emotional frenzy. Some view fear as a weakness while some view anger as a strength. That is not what those emotions are. Acting out while angry does not usually lead to the best of solutions. With all that negativity, negative situations can become multiplied. That can lead to so many more fear-based reactions.

People act out on their negative emotions in all different ways. Some use anger as a means to feel like they are regaining control. Some run away from a fearful situation for self-preservation. Feeling these negative emotions is not a bad thing. You are not wrong to feel angry, frustrated, or fearful in intense situations. It is how you act when these emotions arise is key. There is no perfect or immediate way to change negative feelings. You can change the way you think about and process your negative emotions.

Try to take a moment to consider what the next right and most beneficial move is. Take some time to breathe. When you begin to feel your blood boiling or that lump in your throat rising instead of acting on that immediately, stop and try to identify where these feelings are coming from. What is causing you to feel this way? Once you realize what the problem is that is when you can begin to solve it. Not every problem or issue will have an immediate solution. We can all work to get to a place where our solutions can flourish.

The Tolls Ignored Negative Emotions Have

Mishandling your negative emotions, or not handling them at all, can have negative effects on your mental health. Some people simply deny there is a problem. We cannot pretend to feel happy all the time. Humans are not built to be happy all of the time. Denial is refusing to accept that something is wrong or that help may be needed. When people deny that they are having problematic feelings, those feelings can bottle-up to a boiling point where a person may end up “exploding”, acting out in harmful ways, or can even lead to suicide. Trying to avoid negative emotions can lead to an array of other issues. We all need outlets. We cannot live without expressing how we feel. Unfortunately, when things begin to pile up people can fall into harmful outlets.

Self-harm can become one of these adverse outlets. This can take on a lot of different forms. Behaviors like cutting, starving oneself, or binging and purging can become the way some deal with their problems. Substance abuse can be another outlet for some. Drinking to forget or taking a pill to just relax can become habits. These habits can lead to addictions. These are both mentally and physically detrimental. The sadness, fear, frustration will continue to build up. It becomes harder and harder to find positive things that make you happy. Organic moments of happiness will just pass by. People around you will begin to notice a change in you and your personality.

Problems in Our Lives

We have problems in our everyday lives, with family, in our country that need solutions. Some of our problems we can solve from within. Trying to be more positive will lead to becoming more positive. Some of our problems we have to come together to solve. It can be done. We have done things to be proud of before- we can do it again. Moving forward we need more actions and change that we can be proud of.

Change does not happen overnight for the individual or the masses. Change begins with the individual and takes on a life of its own. Just as negativity can spread like a disease positivity can be spread, as well. Positive change can happen and it begins with me and you. If you are struggling- reach out. There is someone out there that can help.

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