How Long Does Alcohol Withdrawal Last?

The length of alcohol withdrawal will be different for everyone, and it mainly depends on how heavily and frequently alcohol was used.

Physical alcohol withdrawal symptoms will normally peak around 48 to 72 hours after the last drink and last seven to 10 days, but they can last as long as two weeks. Symptoms that occur after two weeks are usually more psychological in nature and can last for several months in some cases.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms may vary from person to person, but the general timeline can be broken down into four stages:

  • Stage one: In the first six to 12 hours, people will experience headaches, anxiety, stomach pains, insomnia, poor appetite and nausea.
  • Stage two: In the next 12 to 48 hours, withdrawal escalates to include symptoms like hallucinations and seizures.
  • Stage three: In the following 48 to 72 hours, withdrawal symptoms can include fever, sweating, confusion, quick heart rate, high blood pressure and delirium tremens — a potentially fatal condition.
  • Stage four: Withdrawal symptoms will start to improve after 72 hours and gradually dissipate over the next four to seven days.

Stage three involves the worst of the withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol withdrawal can be a potentially life-threatening event if not handled or treated properly, so it’s important to know what helps with alcohol withdrawal and to seek medical treatment from an alcohol rehab facility in Florida.